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Breaking AnglesMore Breaking Angles

The End of An Era

Veteran Eli Manning turns the reins over to rookie Daniel Jones as the Giants...

Britney Taylor sues Antonio Brown for Rape, Sexual Assault

The New England Patriots receiver is accused of rape and sexual assault by college...

Breaking Angles: You’ve Been Kronwalled

Although his presence on the ice will certainly be missed he's not disappearing completely.

Breaking Angles: The New England Patriots Sign Antonio Brown

The AB experiment in Oakland is over, but it's just beginning in New England.


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Bradley Beal is a Textbook Hardo and I Love it

Bradley Beal wants nothing to do with "load management". In fact, the superstar is...

The Wolves: The Indoor Soccer Team that takes the Stage

The Wolves is a must-see piece of theatre.

So You’ve Decided To Ruin Your Life: A Beginners Guide To Sports Betting

Calling all degenerates! Welcome to the life of turmoil and fading glory.

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