Month: September 2017

Our Kings of Queens: One More Parting Shot

The Washington Nationals have clinched a playoff spot in 2017. That's fact. They have fulfilled their prophecy of winning the NL East, and are poised to take on the Chicago Cubs in the first round of the playoffs. We knew this was the eventuality in July, but it's cemented. The Nats are King of Hill in the East and the Mets are struggling to get to the finish line. 

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Who Will Win the National League MVP Award and Other Conundrums (Conundri?)

I’ve often talked with my cousin, who’s a huge basketball fan, about the differences between baseball and basketball. One of the most striking differences to me is the way MVP Awards are given out. In the NBA, only one player gets it and all past winners who are eligible are in the Hall of Fame. I can count on two hands the number of Hall of Famers who won an MVP in my lifetime, and at least three of them didn’t deserve their award (I’m looking at you, Andre Dawson, Dennis Eckersley, and Barry Larkin). And baseball has twice as many winners!

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