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Tristan Tierney

Tristan is a sophomore Musical Theatre major at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. Although he looks twelve in his profile picture, Tristan just turned nineteen, still making him the baby of The Turf family. But don't let his youthful age deceive you, Tristan has been a sports fan since the age of two, when he'd watch the "ankees" with his grandpa (he didn't find out they were called the Yankees until he was six). While you were playing Pokemon and watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid, Tristan was collecting baseball cards and watching ESPN, hanging onto every word like it was a changeup right over the plate. Originally based out of Syracuse, NY, Tristan is a huge New York sports fan (Syracuse/Yankees/Giants) and follows his teams religiously. When he's not in class or sleeping, you can find Tristan secretly watching sporting events on his phone during rehearsal.

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