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100 Million Dollar Man

Breaking Angle: Michael Thomas got paid, paid. Here are the details, why he deserves it and why Drew Brees is a happy man also.

New Orleans Saints Michael Thomas - Carolina Panthers Donte Jackson by Jack Kurzenknabe is in the Public Domain

100 Million Dollar Man

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6 foot 3 Inches, 212 pounds is $100 Million personified. Well, I mean $100 million in $100 bills weighs roughly 2,205 lbs, but…who’s counting? Michael Thomas of the Saints will reportedly end his holdout after signing the biggest contract in Wide Receiver history. Over the Cap did a great job of showing us where Michael Thomas, and the top contract, stood before today. Before today, Michael Thomas was making just a little bit more than Rookie Mecole Hardman, who hasn’t played a game yet. Now he has the biggest contract of any non-QB offensive player in NFL history. The deal is worth $100 million dollars, $61 million of which is guaranteed. The Next best paid receiver is a potential $10 million dollar difference. DAAAAMMMMNNNN

The Guy deserves it. Entering his 4th season in the league, Thomas has compiled some foolish stats. The New Orleans Cash Money Millionaire caught 321 balls for 3,787 yards and, oh yeah… 23 tuddies from 2016-2018. He led the league in receptions (125) last year, and was top 6 in yards (1405) and touchdowns (9). The former OSU Buckeye is one of the most consistent players, only missing 1 game out of 48, and arguably the best receiver in his 3 years of professional football. Thomas owns the Saints’ rookie receiving records in touchdowns (9), Receotions (92), and yards (1,137). He was voted first team All-Rookie in 2016, 2 Pro Bowls 2017-2018, and 1st Team All-Pro this past 2018 season. 3 years folks… 3 years.

Brees needs Thomas

Another notable benefit for extending Michael Thomas is that Drew Brees is a direct beneficiary of Michael Thomas’ skill set. The connection of Drew Brees to Michael Thomas is one that has kept Brees’ game absolutely thriving at the age of 40. Brees is easily out-playing 41 year old Tom Brady, and the only reason nobody talks about the differential is because Brady is consistently attending Super Bowls. Thanks to this extension to Thomas, Brees’ career may have just been extended by a year or two. Although, Brees is set to become a free agent in 2019, he needs to stick around Thomas for the rest of his career. Even though he’s not what he once was, his completion percentage in 2018 was better than it ever was at 74.4%. Thomas is virtually carrying Brees to his final payday.

Also, if the Saints want to really push for the Super Bowl, this guy will definitely help. In his 4 playoff appearances Thomas is good for 31 receptions, 3 touchdowns, and 423 yards. Those are crucial and clutch numbers. Well done New Orleans, and congrats Michael Thomas. Next up for the Saints are Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara.

Just like that, cross Thomas off the holdout list.

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