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Antonio Brown Finds a New Home – Finally

The Saga of Antonio Brown moves into a new chapter as the elite wide receiver finally finds a new home outside of Pittsburgh.

Antonio Brown by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Antonio Brown Finds a New Home – Finally

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The Speculation Surrounding AB84 Comes to an End

Since entering the NFL in 2010, Antonio Brown has widely been considered one of the best at his position. His numbers only back that up. He’s racked up 837 receptions for over 11,000 yards and 74 touchdowns. Brown has been named First Team All-Pro 4 times while making the Pro Bowl on 7 occasions. All of this has come while wearing the black and gold of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Last season was a tumultuous one in the Steel City. The “Killer Bs” were in the spotlight as usual, but not for anything happening ON the field of play. Le’Veon Bell kept everyone on tenterhooks with his holdout, while there have been whispers of retirement around Big Ben in recent years. Toss in the drama surrounding an increasingly disgruntled Antonio Brown and you have a season that disappointed in a lot of ways for Steelers fans.

As the late season turned into the playoffs and ultimately the off-season, people wondered what would happen with Pittsburgh and one of its biggest stars. Pundits, players and fans alike began to wonder if they’d seen the last of AB84 in the black and gold. Many began to dream of Brown contributing on their own team:

Finally, on February 19th, at least one question was answered.

Questions about any future for Brown in Pittsburgh finally have answers

It was official. The Steelers were parting ways with one of their stars. The only question left at this point was – where would he end up? At different points, Brown has been linked with multiple teams. I mean, he’s still considered one of the top receivers in the game – who wouldn’t want him on their roster? As the NFL combine came and went it seemed that the number of suitors for Brown’s services was dwindling. Then – seemingly out of nowhere – reports began to surface that Brown as heading to Buffalo:

Bills fans start having dreams of greatness??

It turns out those reports were premature. Brown’s future was still “up in the air”.

But after two days of swirling rumors, we now know where he’s going…

Welcome to Raider Nation, Antonio Brown!

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