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Breaking Angles: Cole Hamels to the Cubs

Wrigley Ivy by Jim Chou is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Breaking Angles: Cole Hamels to the Cubs

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The Cubs get Cole Hamels in their grasp pending physicals for everyone involved.

The buzz around social media keep referencing words like aggressive, and  that the Cubs made a “Strong Push” for Hamels. These words started appearing after J.A. Happ went to the Yankees.

Why Hamels?

He hasn’t been great as of late, allowing 25 earned runs in his last 22 innings pitched, raising his ERA to 4.72. He is currently 5-9 with 119 strikeouts.

But Hamels has gone six innings or more in 12 of his 20 starts for the Rangers this season with only less than five strikeouts in four of those outings. What makes things dicey for the Cubs is Hamels’ contract, which includes a 2019 option for $20 mil with a $6 million buyout. One would hope(if you’re a Cubs fan anyway) that Chicago will negotiate away some of that salary with the Rangers.

Hamels also has some (but limited) history at Wrigley, throwing a no-hitter there on July 25, 2015, in his final start for the Phillies before he was traded to the Rangers. This hadn’t happened since the Sandy Koufax did so on Sept. 9, 1965. 7,920 games before Hamels. Hamels is 3-1 with a 1.76 ERA in six career starts at Wrigley Field.

Cubs Manager Joe Maddon certainly isn’t shy about saying what he thinks about Hamels. The phrase “pain in the butt” appears in quite a few interviews.

It would seem the Cubs are also hoping for some Veteran guidance, now that they 3 games ahead of the seemingly disjointed Brewers. The All-Star break certainly has taken the whole NL central and made everyone contenders for at least a Wild Card game. Well, minus the Reds. But even they look better. Maybe the best worst is better than the worst.

They may possibly be looking to fill in the gaps that Yu Darvish, Tyler Chatwood, haven’t been able to fill. Darvish still doesn’t have a return in sight, Chatwood now leads the Majors with 85 walks over 94 innings.

We are still waiting on the full details of the return from the Cubs. Sources are saying players from the minor leagues.

To Be Continued…

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