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Breaking Angles: Oh Yeah, Julio Jones Just Got Paid

Julio Jones takes home the cash. Literally, Julio Jones’ new contract gives a whole new meaning to the term “signing bonus”.

Julio Jones by Shea Huening is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Breaking Angles: Oh Yeah, Julio Jones Just Got Paid

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So, the most consistent receiver made some news today. I don’t know if you all remember a gentleman by the name of Julio Jones.

With all of the Raiders and Antonio Brown… stuff going on, this soft spoken superstar was over shadowed. But rest assured Julio, I will not let that go on.

Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons have reached an agreement on an extension. I, for one, am forever grateful because he has made me feel more secure about my fantasy teams, one of which includes Antonio Brown. I’m not panicking… you’re panicking.

The Numbers

Jones signed a 3-year, $66 million dollar extension that includes $64 million in guaranteed money. You heard right. All but $2 million guaranteed. That’s craziness, but man, he deserves it. Mind you, this is an extension and not a brand new contract so the numbers may appear jumbled the first time you actually look at the contract breakdowns. This new contract though only 3 years keeps Julio Jones in Atlanta until 2023.

The Falcons signed Jones to a five-year contract extension worth $71,256,045 in 2015 and at the time that was a top notch contract. Since that contract, 27 other receivers have received better contracts. I think it is safe to say that Julio Jones is a top 3 receiver and has always been since his entrance in the NFL.

Oh yeah, that guaranteed $64 million was paid on site, meaning my boy walked out of the building with $64 million literally in his pocket or briefcase or maybe he mobile deposited… point is when he walked out of the building he had $64 million to his name.

This is Why You Pay Him

Jones, a five-time Pro Bowler, led the league last season with 1,677 receiving yards on 113 receptions. He has caught 104 or more passes three times while surpassing 1,400 yards in a season five times. That’s just a brief history of his greatness. Word was that the former Alabama great was not going to play with out a new contract. He now has 64 million reasons to be on the field Sunday.

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