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Breaking Angles

Breaking Angles: USWNT Sues US Soccer

These women aren’t asking for much. They just want to be travel and be paid like the world champions they are.

USWNT by Jamie Smed is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Breaking Angles: USWNT Sues US Soccer

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In the ultimate International Women’s Day power move, the USWNT filed a class action gender discrimination lawsuit against US Soccer today.

While the suit is being filed on behalf of all 28 women on the roster it could end up benefiting other former members of the team dating back to February of 2015. If they win the could the reward could end up in the millions.

Piggybacking on a wage-discrimination complaint filed by Hope Solo, Becky Sauerbrunn, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, and Megan Rapinoe in 2016 the suit focuses on the discrepancies between the Womens‌ and Mens National Team in wages, accommodations, and travel among other things.

To anyone who has followed US Soccer it comes as no surprise that the ladies, whose success FAR outweighs the Men, should want to be treated at least equal, if not better than their male counterparts. After all, they have provided the kind of results that more than justify it.


As we approach the start of the 2019 Women’s World Cup in June the pay gap in wages is still staggering. For instance, after setting record-setting TV ratings in 2015, the USWNT was rewarded with a sensible $2 million dollars. In 2014, the German Men’s team took home a whopping $35 million. This was the same year that the US Men finished in 11th place and they even received for that mediocre finish. Need I remind you that they DIDN’T EVEN QUALIFY for the 2018 Cup.

These women aren’t asking for much. They just want to be travel and be paid like the world champions they are. After all, the have never placed lower than 3rd in a world cup while boasting 3 (and hopefully a 4th soon) 1st place finishes as well as a sensible 4 Olympic Gold Medals.

While the pay gap is still a worldwide problem it is uniquely highlighted in Soccer. For crying out loud, Neymar makes more than over 1,600 female players combined! It’s about time these women (and all women quite frankly) get the equal, and the royal treatment they deserve. After all, I believe that SHE will win!

Happy International Women’s Day!

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