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Breaking Angles: WEEI Boston Sports are still Garbage Humans

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Breaking Angles: WEEI Boston Sports are still Garbage Humans

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Yesterday, Boston Herald reporter Ron Borges received prank texts from someone pretending to be Don Yee, the agent for Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo. The prankster said that Tom Brady was going to sit out OTAs unless he was paid similar to the deal Jimmy G just got. The Herald ran the story without doing any fact checking, it seems, and with Borges claiming he had multiple sources, instead of this one Don Yee impersonator. WEEI Radio Show Kirk & Callahan tweeted the exchange which they attributed to “Nick from Boston”.

With that, Ron Borges was suspended. This is not the first time Borges has had trouble with his employers, after being suspended by the Boston Globe in 2007 for plagiarizing a Tacoma Washington newspaper column.

“Nick from Boston”

Now, it’s unclear if Kirk & Callahan was behind this prank, or if “Nick from Boston” simply sent it to them after having it. Borges is obviously an idiot for not doing even a modicum of research before putting out a major news story like this one. The Herald is insane for not forcing him to list his sources. If Borges DID list his sources and said more than this text exchange, than he should be fired, not suspended, for purely lying. I have a lot of questions about this story, and how it happened. If Kirk & Callahan sent these texts to see what would happen, that’s not cool at all. Impersonating another person and creating a headline that will directly affect uninvolved parties’ careers and public image is bullshit. Its makes you a garbage human. So “Nick from Boston”, whoever you are, you are an asshole. Plain and simple.

Unfathomably, WEEI makes it much, much worse

So we’d think, that with all of this happening that the Boston Herald and Ron Borges would be the big story of the day. But because this story happens to involve WEEI, of course it doesn’t. Enter former New England Patriots tight end Christian Fauria. He is one of the hosts of Ordway, Merloni, and Fauria on WEEI. After the story broke, WEEI was having a good laugh at Borges’ and the Herald’s expense. Given everything, probably rightfully so. It’s hard for me to take WEEI laughing at anyone seriously given just how often they seem to come into controversy. This story is case in point.

Someone on the show decided to enact a dramatic reading of the text exchange. Christian Fauria decided to play the role of Don Yee, saying, “I’m gonna be Don Yee. For me, I don’t know why, Don Yee sounds like an Asian guy.” This lead him to perform the dramatic reading in a mock, highly racist “asian” accent. I put “asian” in quotes because to even call it that is obscene.

It gets worse.

Because of course it does, it’s WEEI. After this horrible moment, the other hosts inform Fauria that Yee “sounds like a caucasian”, and then they played a clip of the real Don Yee. Now let’s be abundantly clear here, Don Yee grew up in Sacramento California. He is 100% American, WHICH IS NOT THE SAME AS HE IS 100% CAUCASIAN. He sounds like he’s from California. Basing anything on his last name is an obscene misunderstanding of the concept of the melting pot. People’s heritages are from a lot of places, that’s literally the backbone of the United States of America. However Christian Fauria decided to lean into this joke a little more.

He kept going.

That’s right. After the real Don Yee was played, Christian Fauria began to read again in his own, “normal” accent. Before switching back to the asian racist one because, “It’s more fun this way.”

What the f**k is going on at WEEI?

On November 20th, 2017, I wrote an article for this site about Shock Jocks. I hate them. I’ve hated them for a long time. Despite it seeming like they’re going to disappear, WEEI just keeps busting out more and more of them. Faux-comedians whose idea of comedy is to make insensitive and tasteless jokes to appeal to a base I’m embarrassed even exists on this planet. These jokes then get amplified a million times because the internet is a thing, and being an asshole gets called out now. Invariably there’s an apology, someone gets suspended, and supposedly we’re supposed to move on. Let’s recap 5 priceless WEEI moments that we’re supposed to move on from.

July 17, 2014

Minihane (of Kirk & Callahan, just so we’re clear) said about Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews, “What a bitch! I hate her! What a gutless bitch! Seriously, go away. Drop dead.” This is in regards to his feeling that she didn’t do a good enough job on a controversial topic in an on-field interview. Later he continued, “I hate her. I seriously hate her so much. … Shut up. Shut up. I shouldn’t call her a bitch, I’m sure she’s a nice person.” The other host followed up with, “She’s probably a bitch.”

February 12, 2017

John Dennis of WEEI tweeted “There is no Muslim ban. I’m “down” with a ban on illegals and terrorists. You “down” wif dat my brothah?”

May 2, 2017

WEEI host Gerry Callahan accuses Adam Jones of making up his statements about the racist slurs thrown at him when he plays at Fenway. Let’s not forget that Gerry Callahan was suspended once for making an overtly racist joke at the expense of black children.

November 9, 2017

Kirk Minihane staged a fake protest outside of the 98.5 The Sports Hub offices. The reason? To protest that Michael Felger should have been fired for his utterly awful statements on air about Doc Halladay’s death. During his Facebook Live video he drew “comical” comparisons to the Black Lives Matter protests, and the Me Too movement.

January 25, 2018

WEEI host Alex Reimer calls Tom Brady’s 5 year old daughter “an annoying little pissant” on air. Leading to a controversy where Tom Brady cut his next interview short and spoke of uncertainty regarding future appearances.

The list continues on and on, here are just 5 snapshots of why WEEI is full of a group of shitty people. They keep telling us they’re sorry, that they’ve learned their lesson, and then proving themselves to be worse, and worse, and worse. So here’s what I think. WEEI should clean house. Fire everyone. Start over. Hell I recommend Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald/Nick Stevens, who is already a fantastic Boston sports reporter. He’s crass, and uncouth for all those fans of such reporting, and he doesn’t spend his time being a racist prick. Usually these moments are excused as “an ill-conceived attempt at humor.” It’s not humor, it’s just racist. Fitzy is funny. See the difference?

Until this happens? I think it’s time we all moved on from WEEI. Don’t listen. Tank their ratings. They’ve been given enough chances at this point. Like 15th strike you’re out.

If you want to hear the insanely racist audio of Christian Fauria, feel free. It’s over at Deadline.

Ned is an Actor and award-winning Content Creator based out of Brooklyn, New York. Currently you can hear him as a voice actor on the podcast Encounter Party!, and as the host of the podcast At the Table: A Play Reading Series. Originally from Portland, Maine, Ned is an avid follower of all things New England, be it sports teams, breweries, seafood, or Cumby's. He spends most of his free time playing board games, listening to podcasts, and gawking at dogs on the street. You can learn more on his website,

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