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Free Agent Frenzy: Marcus Semien Signs For Seven Years in Arlington

Marcus Semien has proven he’s a top infielder in baseball, and the Texas Rangers believe he is too. And that he’s worth $175 million.

Marcus Semien by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

Free Agent Frenzy: Marcus Semien Signs For Seven Years in Arlington

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Player: Marcus Semien – Second Baseman, 31 years old

Team: Texas Rangers

Contract: Seven years / $175 million

  • Past Career/Last Year Highlights
  • 28.7 Career WAR
  • 3rd MVP Finish in 2019 and 2021
  • 1x All-Star (2021)
  • 45 HR and .265/.334/.538 slash in 2021

Texas Rangers’ Recent History: 60-102 in 2021, 5th place in AL West

Last winning season:  2016 (95-67)

Last offseason, DJ LeMahieu signed a six-year, $90 million contract to return to the Yankees. At that time, LeMahieu was coming off his two best seasons and had 25 career WAR.

Semien is a year younger than LeMahieu was and has 28.7 career WAR. He’s also coming off his 2nd best season and only All-Star appearance.

Is that worth another year and an extra $85 million in his contract? Ehhhhhhhhh.

Semien is a superior defensive player than LeMahieu (Gold Gloves notwithstanding), and his offensive stats can’t be written off because he played seven seasons in Coors Field.

It’s still A LOT of money and a LONG time to commit to a second baseman exiting his prime. Dustin Pedroia had 42 career WAR after his 30-year-old season. He only played 361 more games in his career.

Now Pedroia had an unfortunate series of injuries and Semien could be lucky enough to stay healthy for most, if not all, of this contract. He didn’t miss a game in 2019, nor in 2021. But there’s a substantial risk here for a franchise that can’t just disregard a free-agent signing disaster like the Yankees.

If this doesn’t work, the Rangers will feel the effect for the full seven years of this deal.

(Side note: Why didn’t the A’s trade Semien after 2019? He finished 3rd in MVP voting and had an 8.4 WAR season. He had one year left on his deal and was clearly not going to be resigned. I’m shocked Brad Pitt let this happen.)

Final Grade = B-

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