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Max Scherzer is a New York Met: A Fever Dream in Real-Time

Max Scherzer has tormented the Mets since arriving in the National League. Now, he’ll take the mound for them for the next three seasons.

Max Scherzer by All-Pro Reels is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

Max Scherzer is a New York Met: A Fever Dream in Real-Time

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Player: Max Scherzer– Starting Pitcher, 37 years old

Team: The New York Mets

Contract: Three years / $130 million

Past Career/Last Year Highlights:

  • 8x All-Star Selection
  • 2019 World Series Champion
  • 3x Cy Young Winner (2013, 2016, 2016)
  • 0.864 WHIP in 2021, leading MLB pitchers
  • 7-0 after being traded to the Dodgers at the 2021 Deadline
  • Future Hall of Famer

New Team Recent History: 77-85 in 2021, 3rd place in NL East

Last winning season: 2019 (86-76)

You know those video game deals where you sign a guy for an astronomical amount of money that doesn’t exist in the real world just because you can? That’s this deal right here. This signing is nothing short of miraculous for both sides.

In all honesty, it just seemed like Max Scherzer hated the New York Mets, or at least he pitched against them with that malice in his heart. Lest we forget that in the year the Mets went to the World Series, Max Scherzer no-hit them at Citi Field. Max Scherzer has as many no-hitters thrown at Citi Field as the entire Mets franchise. That’s what he’s bringing to Queens.

But truthfully, this deal probably doesn’t happen unless a few other dominoes fall. It all starts with Noah Syndergaard, who seemed a lock to accept the Mets qualifying offer. Instead, Thor took his hammer and left for the Los Angeles Angeles, receiving a 1-year, $21 million deal to play for the Halos.

Shocking, to say the least. However, Syndergaard cited the team’s uncertain future as the main reason for his departure, which is fair, considering the team had no GM or Manager at the time.

At the time, Noah wasn’t wrong.

So, the Mets turned their sights on another former member of the “Four Horsemen of Queens” as Steven Matz was ready to leave Toronto. And despite the Mets offer of $44 million over four years, Matz’s agent reportedly called the Cardinals and signed with them instead. This made Mets owner Steve Cohen so mad that he did a mean tweet.

Some cutthroat stuff right there. So the Mets moved on to their next target: Kevin Gausman. To keep this story short and get back to Mad Max, Gausman took less money to not play for the Mets, instead opting for a 5-year deal worth $110 million to pitch for the Toronto Blue Jays.

With Syndergaard out the door, Matz stiffing the Mets, and Gausman opting to take a pay cut not to wear orange and blue, one has to imagine that the Mets threw up their hands and said, “Screw it. Give Max all the money we were going to give Syndergaard, Matz, and Gausman.”

That’s what this deal is.

Here’s a scientific fact: Max Scherzer is one of the best pitchers on the planet. It also happens that Max Scherzer is 37 years old and signed a three-year deal worth $130 million, the highest average annual value for a contract in baseball history. And you know what? He’s worth it. The Los Angeles Dodgers gave up half of their farm system for half a season of Scherzer, and the Nationals backed up the Brinks truck to bring him to Washington back in 2015.

Max Scherzer is the three-time Cy Young winner and almost won his fourth in 2021. There’s a lot left in Max, and frankly, it’s the fight he brings to the mound in each of his starts that the Mets need. Too long have the Mets trotted out a lineup of apathetic hustle. When things were good in Queens, the Mets had grinders, true gamers who were foaming at the mouth to get on the diamond.

Matt Harvey demanding to pitch the ninth inning of Game 5 in the 2015 World Series? Scherzer does that in June. Brining Scherse to Queens is a generational signing. It puts the Mets back in the conversation of the NL East divisional crown and possibly even in the hunt to win it all.

This signing is a gamechanger for the New York Mets. Full stop.

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