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NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace To Drive Black Lives Matter Car

Bubba Wallace To Drive Black Lives Matter Car Tonight.

Martinsville Speedway by GENE is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace To Drive Black Lives Matter Car

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NASCAR is one of the few sports that have been able to start up during the Global Pandemic. They have been racing on both Sundays and Wednesdays to try to catch up their season. As you probably know, it is one of the top spectator sports in America, regularly drawing crowds of close to 100,000 people. A sport whose drivers and fans are both predominately white, Bubba Wallace is currently the only black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series. This past week he spoke out in support of Black Lives Matter. Tonight he will be racing in a Black Lives Matter car at the Martinsville Speedway.

That car looks amazing. I would drive that out on the streets on Brooklyn if I could. Wallace also plans to have a car outfitted in support of the LGBTQ+ community for Pride Month.

Banning The Confederate Flag

Wallace also spoke out this past weekend saying that the Confederate Flag should be banned from all NASCAR events. If you ever watched some races you will see the flag being flown with the American Flag. You can also see fans waving the flag proudly throughout the race.

Bubba Wallace isn’t the only driver to come out and support banning the Confederate Flag from races. One of NASCAR’s greatest drivers ever, Jimmie Johnson, has come out in support of Wallace and would also like to see the flag banned. Back in 2015, NASCAR started to discourage fans from bringing the Confederate flag to races. The league offered to exchange those flags for American Flags. They have never outright banned them from races, so there are many people still flying them proud to this day.

This is a big move within NASCAR, especially when you have cars that have raced like the images below in the past.

If you happen to click on that link you will see a lot of NASCAR fans complaining about injecting politics into sports. I would argue that politics have always been in sport whether you agree with it or not.

I will definitely be tuning in tonight for the race, not because I like NASCAR, but I am very interested on what the media has to say about this move. A lot of fans of this sport are not going to be happy with Bubba Wallace’s choice, but I believe it is a great move and I hope he wins tonight. Fanduel has him at +20000. GET YOUR BETS IN NOW FOLKS!


NASCAR has officially banned the Confederate Flag from all events.

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