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Breaking Angles

Breaking Angles: The New England Patriots Sign Antonio Brown

The AB experiment in Oakland is over, but it’s just beginning in New England.

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Breaking Angles: The New England Patriots Sign Antonio Brown

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Just when things seemed to be calming down from the earlier insanity of Brown’s departure from Oakland, the New England Patriots throw gasoline on the fire.

The New England Patriots and Antonio Brown have agreed to a one-year deal, $15 million dollar deal, in addition to a $9 million signing bonus.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again though… I will never ever question a thing the Pats do. EVER. Bill knows what he’s doing. The Patriots are smart. If there’s a team that will figure Brown out, it’s them.

Here’s where it all began…

After getting into a quarrel with Mike Mayock – his own GM – and learning that the Raiders voided his guaranteed payout, Antonio Brown requested to be released by the Raiders via an instagram post.

Well the Raiders gave Brown what he wanted. Shortly after Brown’s post…they released him.

Now What?

Now the question is, which team will Antonio Brown go play for now? Or better yet…will he even play football again? Surely it’s too early in his career for Brown to retire…right?

Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, seems confident that Brown will play football again with another team soon.

He’s got his work cut out for him. That’s for damn sure.

The timeline of Brown in a Raiders uniform was short-lived:

March 13

Brown is introduced in Oakland after the Steelers traded him to the Raiders for a third- and a fifth-round pick. The Raiders end up giving Brown a three-year, $30.125 million extension.

July 25

Brown shows up for Raiders training camp and the team discovers Brown’s feet to be completely frostbitten from a cryotherapy accident. It turns out Brown used a cryotherapy machine in France without wearing the proper footwear. Really?

July 26

Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier, the next day Brown shows up to training camp in a hot air balloon. And after such a grand entrance, he Brown gets placed on the non-football inury list. You just can’t make this shit up.

July 30

Brown is now back practicing at this point. He impresses the team with his workout, but then has to leave practice early. Why? No one knows.

July 30 – August 13

Brown is absent from Raiders training camp as he not only tries to recover from his absurd frostbite injury, but also has a fit over the new NFL helmets and protests the ban of his 10-year-old Air Schutt Air Advantage helmet. His beloved helmet was banned for safety reasons.

August 13 – 18

Brown returns to practice and things seem peachy between Brown, Jon Gruden, and Mike Mayock. However, Brown doesn’t play in preseason, and after learning that he loses his first grievance to wear his own helmet, Brown disappears again.

The Raiders fine Brown, and Mike Mayock declares that Brown needs to be either “all-in, or all-out.”

August 22 – 25

Brown is back at camp, but he still doesn’t play in any preseason games, and he skips out on a mandatory pre-game walkthrough. Then he loses his second grievance to wear his old helmet. Can we let the whole helmet thing go at this point?!

September 4

This is where all hell breaks loose. Brown ends up posting on his instagram a letter sent to him from Mike Mayock detailing the fines that Brown must pay for his absences. Brown tags the Raiders organization and posts a message saying “When your own team want to hate.” Yeah…Ok.

Then Brown gets into a confrontation with his GM, and it is this moment that is the tipping point for Brown’s time with the Raiders.

September 5

The Raiders decide to suspend Antonio Brown for “conduct detrimental to the team.” For how long? Who the f*** knows.

September 6

Brown is already back with the Raiders and he issues an “emotional” apology to the team. Everything is rosey again and Gruden even issues a statement saying “Antonio is back today. We’re excited about that. Ready to move one.” Little does Gruden know, that the only thing the Raiders would be moving on from would be Brown himself…the very next day.

September 7

The Raiders fine Brown one last time for more than $215K and as a result, Oakland voids Brown’s guaranteed money worth $29.125 million. Brown asks via instagram to be released and presto, his wish is Oakland’s command.

So, after all the madness that had occurred with AB in Oakland, we may very well be seeing him play for a ring in February.


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