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Ty Lue is Out

Pretty tough Sunday for Ty Lue.

Tryonn Lue by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ty Lue is Out

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It’s a casual Sunday morning. You’re about to check the papes, eat some eggs, hopefully about to go out and canvass for some badass progressive Democrats who live close to you… and then the Shams tweet rolls in:

Pretty tough Sunday for Ty Lue. 

Let’s Check in on the LeBron-less Cavs…

October is a crazy sports month. You’ve got MLB Playoffs, NFL and college football in full swing, and the return of hockey and basketball. So even the most avid NBA fan can be forgiven for not paying the closest attention to the standings. 

When I saw that Lue was fired I fired up a quick google to see how bad things were in Cleveland and…. um… it’s bad. 0-6 bad. 

So Ty Lue, who led guided chilled with the Cavs for three straight finals appearances, is out. 

Is this fair?

My initial impression? No. Obviously life after LeBron was always gonna be difficult for the Cavs. To make shit worse, Kevin Love has missed a few games already this year, and he was expected to return to Minnesota Kevin Love levels of production this year. 

It also always seemed like the players really liked and respected Ty Lue. Sure he got a lot of shit for being the dude who stood next to LeBron while LeBron dictated lineups, roster decisions, locker room assignments, seating charts on the team plane, and menus for everyone after the game, but it’s hard to be the dude who stands next to the best player in the world.

J.R. is clearly a fan.

Basketball-wise, it was always a bit unclear how effective Lue was as a coach. The LeBron effect can sorta negate the value of a head coach. Basically, if you’re at the helm next to the biggest star in the world, what are you really at the helm of? It’s sorta like being the coach of the Monstars from Space Jam. Like, I’m sure they had a coach, but was he really drawing up plays in the huddle? Nah. He was sitting on the sidelines getting massages and shit.

All of this is to say, I would have liked to see Coach Lue get the chance to work with his squad for a few weeks. 

What’s next for Cavs?

Probably some wins, tbh. They play the Hawks, Hornets, Magic, Thunder and Bulls within the next week and a half. And I don’t make the rules, but it’s well established that when a team is sucky and fires their coach, they always win a few right away. 

As for Coach Lue? LeBron definitely liked him. And King James has a history of getting coaches fired if his team has a slow start. 

The Lakers are 2-4. 

Maybe Ty should visit Los Angeles for a few weeks. 

Actor. Celts and Sox fan. NBA League Pass enthusiast.

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