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Distract Yourself From Today With Us – A Video Playlist

Hey. Today sucks. It sucks a lot. We know that. We ALL know that. So let’s try to make it a little bit better?

Roger Federer by Nick Webb is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Distract Yourself From Today With Us – A Video Playlist

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Hey. Today sucks. It sucks a lot. We know that. We ALL know that. So let’s try to make it a little bit better? Let’s try to avoid thinking about what today is for a brief moment in time. Allow us to wisk you away to a world that isn’t on fire.

Let us bring you our favorite moments to distract you from everything about today.

Before we do, make sure you voted. Seriously. Go vote. You have to vote.

The Turf’s Avoidance Video Playlist

Justin Colombo – Game 7 of the 1991 World Series

This is the greatest World Series game of all-time for a number of reasons. First off, it’s the beginning of the Braves “Dynasty”. We’re a year away from Sid Bream’s play at the plate that just barely beats Barry Bond’s throw from right field. We’re also smack dab in the middle of golden years of Twins baseball. Jack Morris pitches 10 innings in this game and that’s outstanding. It’s probably even more outstanding considering that you more than likely didn’t know that fact. This game is incredible from start to finish. Plus, did I mention it takes place in the Metrodome? What more could you want?

Terry Cudmore – Super Bowl 49

I know I am biased, but I still think this is the best Super Bowl in terms of two awesome teams who are evenly matched. I also think it’s interesting it was the only Super Bowl of the 2nd half of Pats Dynasty that had both Edelman and Gronk at their peak. And it has one of the most iconic plays in Super Bowl history. And in full transparency, maybe I just need this a little right now.

Justin Colombo – The Brazil/Germany 2014 World Cup Semifinal

My apologies to any Brazil fans out there… This one is ROUGH.

Ryan Kelly – Game 1 of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals

Don’t even care that the Bruins lost. This is probably the single most entertaining sports viewing experience of my lifetime.

Andrew Mark Wilhelm – The 2008 Wimbledon Mens Final

This is the greatest tennis match of ALL TIME. The previous year’s Final was epic and then they completely outdid themselves. It looked like Rafa might steamroll Fed early, which was insane and then they played two of the most intense sets ever to head into a 5th. Which ended up 9-7. It’s nearly 5 hours long and it’s everything that’s great about the sport, their rivalry, and even the human spirit.

Justin Colombo – The Dodgers and Padres 2016 Opening Day

So this game is not special. The Padres get absolutely blown out to the tune of 150-0. This game is important because you can sleep through it. Vin Scully’s dulcet tones will sweep your off to dreamland as the Padres of yesteryear forget how to play baseball. Allow yourself to fall asleep listening to a day game. It’s a joy. Nay, it is a dream.

Andrew Mark Wilhelm – Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals

The Block. I hate this game. But, it belongs on this list.

Terry CudmoreRoger Clemens and Pedro Martinez in the Bronx

This is my favorite baseball game ever. You can find Part II here.

Justin Colombo – The Bob Emergency Part 1 & Part 2

If you don’t know who Jon Bois is… you’re welcome. Jon is far and away my favorite sports YouTuber. Why? Because no one does it like him. So sit back relax and learn about some Bobs. You can also watch his 3-hour documentary on the Seattle Mariners. Like I said… you’re welcome.

Today sucks, but we hope that we can make it suck a little bit less for however long we’re able. Good luck out there. We’ve got you.

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