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Julian Edelman, a player on the National Football League.

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It’s Going to Take More Than Julian Edelman

As anti-semitism inexplicably rises, there is more to be done to prevent it for the future.

Julian Edelman 2014 by Jeffrey Beall is licensed under CC BY 3.0

It’s Going to Take More Than Julian Edelman

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What gives? No seriously, what gives? Why is it that Jews are finding themselves under attack once again? For those of you unaware, many prominent athletes and members of the entertainment industry have come under fire lately for anti-Semitic remarks.  I thought after DeSean Jackson’s nonsensical Instagram rant we would be done with this. Unfortunately we are not.

Now more athletes are coming out either in support of Jackson’s comments or presenting their own takes. Stephen Jackson defended DeSean’s comments, Dwyane Wade sent a knee-jerk Tweet, and Allen Iverson posted a picture with Louis Farrakhan on Instagram. If you are unfamiliar with Farrakhan, here is a sample of what you can expect: “The Satanic Jews that control everything and mostly everybody, if they are your enemy, then you must be somebody.” He’s a real charmer.

Why does a culture/religion that makes up .2% of the worlds population receive so much hate? It always consists of the tired old tropes of Jews controlling the world, the banks (the CEOs of the top 4 banks are not Jewish, but I digress), entertainment industry, etc., and now a new hashtag has emerged on Twitter citing Jewish privilege. Please read the story about my wife’s grandfather. I would love to know where his privilege was as he lost his entire family to the Nazis. Also, tell me where our Jewish privilege is when our synagogues need armed guards to stand outside to allow us to worship? Seeing that as a 10 year old really felt like I had tons of privilege.


Jewish sports figures like Julian Edelman and Max Kellerman are trying their best to make sense of these remarks. Edelman has already been a huge voice where there has typically been silence for Jewish rights, especially in the sports world. He has even gone so far as to invite DeSean Jackson to visit the Holocaust museum in Washington DC with him. Jackson, to his credit, is trying to make amends and doing more than just giving an apology. Edelman and Jackson plan to keep an open dialogue together out of respect for each other’s cultures.

Other non-Jewish athletes like Zach Banner & Cameron Heyward have also stepped up to denounce the comments made by their peers. They understand in order to lift up one group you don’t need to bring down another. Banner is even trying to get those invitations to Shabbat dinners and Bar Mitzvahs. You just love to see it from Steelers Nation.

My new favorite Steeler


There is a missing piece to this puzzle, and it’s the lack of education to these matters in our schools. Edelman understands this and is trying to do his part to teach one person (and hopefully others indirectly). I don’t think the majority of the world could tell me about the Spanish Inquisition, pogroms and even the Holocaust. My high school barely spent any time on the Holocaust. So if I weren’t Jewish, how would I know about it?

Just check out this embarrassing video. People’s ignorance to these issues sometimes clouds their vision of a successful Jewish person. Then they latch on to the narratives I listed above.  Sure there are scumbags like Jeffrey Epstein and Bernie Madoff (there are people just like them in any religion/culture), but 99.9% of Jews would denounce them in a heartbeat.  

Please Stand with Us

Most Jews have stood up for your causes, so won’t you stand up with us, too? We support our Muslim brothers and sisters in their time of need. We marched with you in the BLM protests. We rallied for equality during the women’s marches. We did all of this even though BLM & The Women’s March organizations have their own anti-Semitic or anti-Israel undertones. Please, take the opportunity to get to know us and hear our story. We’re with you. Please do the same for us.  

Julian, Max, Zach, and Cameron…thank you. 

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Jason moved to NYC for 9 years and gained a wife, a child, and career then decided to go back to the Steel City. A sports fan since birth, he follows the Pirates, Duquesne basketball, Pens, Steelers, and Pistons (Grant Hill would have been better than Jordan if he had stayed healthy...prove me wrong). He enjoys playing in various sports leagues and throwing his money away on fantasy sports. Besides that, a good book and video games for a day would be just fine with him.

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