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What jerseys would you wear on video calls while working from home?

What jersey will YOU wear on your video calls?

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What jerseys would you wear on video calls while working from home?

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I posted this question in our writer’s room today, and got quite a variety of answers. Why did I post this? Because Andrew Mark Wilhelm kicked us off by saying “We’ve reached the point of me not caring about my wardrobe where I am “working” while wearing a LeBron James Heat jersey. Send help. Or don’t. This is fine.” So it got me thinking. Let’s see what everyone said, shall we?

WRITER’S NOTE: I broke this up per writer instead of showing a time stamped progression of our writer’s room conversation.

Andrew Mark Wilhelm

That’s a difficult question. Probably a Chelsea kit or my USWMT 4 stars since I will sometimes wear those to the theatre. My Magic Johnson Spartans jersey would be my “fancy” option. I had a Bobby Boucher shirsey at one point. And came very close to owning both a Roy Hobbs and a Tim Riggins jersey. I also had a hand me down 80s Tigers starter jacket. Like the Sparky dugout style.

Katie Pierce

I think it’d be a toss up between my red USWNT kit or their long sleeve blue warmup. My only other option would be my JV home tigers jersey. Complete with 2012 World Series patch. I had a Michigan starter jacket. I miss that thing. As a wee little one I had one of the satin tigers jackets. Oh I forgot I had the 84 replica tigers road jersey. Vneck style. But it’s massive and so I use it as a sleepy shirt.

Jim Brosnan

Currently the Expos (#25). Not the Montreal Expos, the Expos of the Long Island MABL. It always throws people off to see someone wearing a customized jersey of a defunct Canadian franchise.

Justin Colombo

I would probably go with my Pedro Mets white pinstripes. It’s my biggest and most favorite flex. Plus, that’s my spirit jersey. When I was a kid, all I wanted was a Kemp Sonics jersey. For some reason, Shawn Kemp was HUGE in my Massachusetts household. my wife has a satin Mets starter jacket. I have never been more jealous. I bought my brother a Jordan ToonSquad jersey for Christmas. I almost bought a Gunnar Stahl shirsey at one point.

Terry Cudmore

Chris Webber Warriors. I also have a teal Pistons Grant Hill jersey that would be in consideration. (Justin asked: What color Pistons? We talking red/blue of that v 90s teal feeling?) Teal. It was part of a back to school outfit. I had a hornets starter jacket, then I also weirdly had a chiefs one that was a hand me down from my mom’s friend’s son.

Matt Branigan

I would probably wear my navy blue Lou Gherig jersey. It’s the one they wore in 1927. I got it in Cooperstown.

Justin White

If I had to choose a jersey to wear it would be my Miami Dolphins Ricky Williams Jersey. (Andrew: Ricky. Williams. Yes.) (Kevin: Does it come complete with a pipe?) Lol, yes it does. Funny story – this is actually my second jersey. I was in middle school or maybe a freshman in high school when Ricky was suspended for smoking the “devil’s lettuce”, and I had his jersey at the time. When we found out I was devastated and we went to our local mall where people were shredding his jerseys…no joke. I participated (lol). I was naive. Then, in college, I realized how big of a mistake that had been and got a new one. If we are going fictional characters I have a Bill Murray Toon Squad Jersey.

Ryan Kelly

If it’s a super important meeting, I’m going with what I consider to be the greatest jersey in the history of hockey. My Bruins gold Pooh bear. I also have my might ducks team USA Goldberg t shirt as a backup.

Ryan MacPherson

I’m going with my red throwback Gronk jersey – by far my favorite jersey I own. Although I envy the Coates jersey, Kevin.

Kevin Michael Morin (…me…)

Since my Ben Coates jersey from childhood is nowhere to be found (and definitely wouldn’t fit anymore) I’d have to go with my Paul Pierce green away. My biggest regret is never having a Griffey Jr. jersey. At one point I was on a mission to own jerseys of all the guys under 5’10”. I made it as far as Pedey and Welker and really wish I had Muggsy Bogues. (Andrew: Actually under 5’10” or listed as under?) Listed as under, because it meant they were actually my height hahahaha.

Joe Danbusky

I don’t own any actual jerseys.

Don’t be like Joe, everyone.

Kevin is an actor, director, playwright, and musician who works in tech. He is die hard New England sports and an avid Tottenham supporter. His qualifications include scoring 1 point in his elementary school basketball career, 4 years of mixed little league results, and breaking his arm with a skip-it days before pre-season workouts started for Freshman football.

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