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Filling The Void

Filling The Void: Summer Kicks Off

Harken back to one of the most memorable races in Indy 500 history, The final laps capped off a caution filled race regarded as one of the best all time.

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Filling The Void: Summer Kicks Off

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It’s a weird time in which we’re living. We’re all sitting in quarantine wondering how many times we can clean our kitchens or watch Space Jam, and if twiddling our thumbs is a viable way to pass time. In New York, we’ve been banging pots and pans, clapping, and cheering those who are fighting this virus on the front lines every night at 7PM. Here at The Turf, we’re immensely thankful for all essential workers and what they’re doing to prevent the spread and keep us all as safe as possible. In return, the best we can think to do is revisit sports history and find ways to keep you all entertained. We have to fill that void somehow, right?

This is usually a landmark weekend in the United States. Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer. We spend the holiday weekend honoring the servicemen and women who died while in service to this country. New York City is usually flooded with sailors whose ships dock on the west side during Fleet Week. Millions typically flock to the beaches to get to work on their summer tans. Families fire up their grills for BBQs all around the nation. Of course, this year will be quite a departure thanks to the coronavirus and our ongoing battle against it. There is one other tradition that this virus has robbed us of today – The Indianapolis 500.

Ladies & Gentlemen – Start Your Engines

Referred to as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing“, the Indianapolis 500 is the oldest operational auto race. Hundreds of thousands of spectators flock to Speedway, Indiana to take in the action, as well as the pomp and circumstance surrounding the race itself.

There’s the singing of “Back Home Again in Indiana”, then there’s the command to “start your engines!” The unmistakable sound of 33 entrants firing up their cars and preparing to race is indescribable. After the cars start to roll down the track, the crews return to their pits and ready themselves. The pace car leads the field around the track as they make their way to the start/finish line. The green flag drops and they’re off. The crowd at the speedway, joined by the viewing public outside it, settle in for 500 miles of racing that concludes when the declared winner drinks the traditional bottle of milk in celebration.

This year’s race has been postponed of course. It’s currently rescheduled to August 23rd. For now, though, you can enjoy ABC’s broadcast of one of the most memorable races in its history by clicking on the link below:

Today – The 1992 Indianapolis 500

See You Tomorrow. Stay Safe. Stay Smart. Wash Your Hands.

Joe is an actor who grew up eating, living and breathing sports. He spent many an afternoon on the soccer or baseball field in his youth (and even gave several other sports a shot) before a series of events put him on the path to pursuing a performing career. Subsequently, he's worked almost every other type of job you could imagine while trying to support that endeavor. Whenever he's not working any of those jobs, he can often be found watching, playing or discussing sports in some way. Most of that banter revolves around the Mets, Giants, Rangers or Manchester United. His short term goal is to fully convert his fiance into a rabid sports fan, not someone who leaves the room whenever he turns a game on.

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