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NFL Week 3 Picks: Lions Nip Eagles; Bills and Niners Improve to 3-0

So much craziness has happened in the NFL…and it’s only Week 3.

Antonio Brown by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

NFL Week 3 Picks: Lions Nip Eagles; Bills and Niners Improve to 3-0

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Well, so much has happened in the National Football League in just the first two weeks, I don’t even know where to start. I could literally give you a headline for every single team. I won’t do that, but here’s one big one:

Patriots: Antonio Brown Gone After Just One Game

Yeah Brown didn’t make it very long, and I was completely wrong on that one as I thought he was going to somehow manage to stay on the Patriots for the entire season. AB is so talented, but the man just can’t stay out of trouble. What a major fall from grace.

Meanwhile, in the AFC East, the Dolphins could actually be the worst team we have ever seen. I’m serious, you could play for the Dolphins today. Jets quarterback, Sam Darnold, is out with mono. Yeah you just can’t make that up – only the Jets. And can I say I told you so on Josh Allen? I’ve always said that I think Allen will be a good starting QB in the NFL and will be an immediate impact player for Buffalo. No one believed me. Do you now?

Steelers in Trouble…Or Are They?

Ben Roethlisberger is out for the season with an elbow injury that needs surgery on his throwing arm. I think the season is over, but some still would beg to differ and believe that they can bounce back from a dreadful 0-2 start. Mason Rudolph steps in under center and the Steelers have a lot of confidence in his ability to lead the offense.

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are off to great start. The Browns, not so much, especially Baker Mayfield, who has 2 TDs and 4 INTs and a 73.4 rating. Ouch.

More Around the League

I still can’t figure out if the Falcons are good or not, the Lions are better than we all think, the Bucs somehow have a defense, Drew Brees is out for six weeks with a thumb injury, the Giants are finally turning to Daniel Jones at QB, and Jalen Ramsey wants a trade…maybe?

The Rise of Gardner Minshew

The Eagles have a bunch of injuries, the 49ers have put up 72 points in the first two weeks, Cam Newton is banged up again, and Gardner Minshew is a stud. If Joe Namath and Nick Swisher had a kid, that’s Gardner Minshew – the guy’s a rockstar. Minshew is the type of guy who would probably throw back a pabst, a cappuccino, and finish off a stogie just before running out of the tunnel at game time. He’s the quarterback we all need in our lives. I was bummed out about Big Ben’s injury, but Gardner Minshew has saved me from watching Columbo reruns. I’m just kidding…no I’m not.

Ok enough about what has happened, let’s get to what is going to happen. To the picks!

Week 2 Pick Record: 10-6

Season Pick Record: 21-12

Bengals at Bills

The Bengals are banged up and have looked pretty bad on both sides of the ball. Meanwhile the Bills are looking sharp on defense, and Josh Allen looks comfortable in this new offense. This will be Buffalo’s home opener. Give me the Bills to go 3-0. Bills win 24-20.

Dolphins at Cowboys

Oof. This one could get ugly. The Cowboys seem to be firing on all cylinders and the Dolphins are a tire fire. Miami is giving the nod to Josh Rosen at quarterback this week. Talk about a tough first assignment. Dallas wins big. Cowboys win 38-9.

Broncos at Packers

The Packers have faced pretty solid defenses so far this season. Week 1 they faced Chicago, Week 2 was Minnesota, and now they get Von Miller and the Broncos defense. However, the Packers are 2-0, and I think they’ll improve to 3-0 taking down Denver at home. Packers win 24-19.

Falcons at Colts

Atlanta is an enigma. As I mentioned before, I can’t figure out the Falcons. Sometimes they can look like one of the best teams in the NFC, and other times they look like crap. I think this week Atlanta’s offense picks up where they left off and pull out a win on the road. But who knows, the Falcons are one of the more unpredictable teams. Falcons win 24-21.

Ravens at Chiefs

Everyone I have listened to talk about this game are excited for this “shootout.”

Shootout? Where?

If you’re looking for a shootout, you won’t find one in Arrowhead Stadium this Sunday. You really think Lamar Jackson is going to get into a shootout with Patrick Mahomes? Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Look, I think Lamar Jackson has played very well this season. But he has also faced the Dolphins, who are the worst team in the NFL, and the Cardinals so far. Not much to write home about there. Now, he gets a major test on the road against arguably the best team in football.

The Ravens put up 23 points last week against the Cardinals who have a rookie QB and head coach. To beat the Chiefs, the Ravens will probably have to double that, and I just don’t see it happening.

Everyone is looking for a close game, but I’m on an island here. I don’t think it’s close. I think the Chiefs give the Ravens a reality punch to the gut and win in a blowout. Chiefs win 40-20.

Raiders at Vikings

Keep an eye on the battle that goes on in the trenches. I’m talking about the matchup between the Raiders’ offensive line and the Vikings’ defensive line. If the Raiders do a good job of protecting Derek Carr, they have a shot. But I think Minnesota’s defense will make a couple big plays that will be just enough for the win at home. Vikings win 26-23.

Jets at Patriots

If you think the Dolphins vs. Cowboys game will get ugly, this game could be even worse.

Tom Brady vs. Luke Falk? Bill Belichick vs. Adam Gase? The Patriots have a major QB and head coach advantage of epic proportions in this one. And not to mention, the Patriots are at home. Jets have no chance – New England annihilates them. No AB? No problem. Patriots win 43-7.

Lions at Eagles

The Eagles are banged up, and the Lions are coming off a solid win against the Chargers. Philly is at home, but this game could be a trap for them. I like how Detroit’s been playing recently. They’re healthy, the defense looks better, their receivers are playing well, and I think they give Philly’s secondary some issues. Give me the upset – I’m rolling with the Lions, and Stafford has a nice day. Lions win 21-17.

Panthers at Cardinals

This is a tough one to pick. Cam Newton is banged up and so Carolina turns to Kyle Allen under center. The Cardinals have yet to win a game this season, but they’ve stuck around with the Lions and Ravens in Weeks 1 and 2, respectively. I think they pull out a close, first win at home on Sunday. Cardinals win 24-23.

Giants at Buccaneers

The Giants have benched Eli Manning and are now giving the nod to Daniel Jones. I think Jones will actually play decently, but it won’t be enough. However, Jones won’t be the reason why the Giants lose this game. I think the defense will not be able to make plays and keep Tampa Bay out of the red zone. Buccaneers win 26-17.

Texans at Chargers

Both of these teams had underwhelming performances last week. Except the Texans still managed to win their game against Jacksonville.

Can the Texans o-line protect Deshaun Watson? That will be the big key. But I think the Chargers rebound and find a way to win a close one at home. Chargers win 23-20.

Steelers at 49ers

Steelers backup quarterback Mason Rudolph steps in under center after Big Ben goes down for the season. He has a tough starting debut on the road against a Niners defense that’s looked pretty good this year.

The Steelers will lose this game but not because of Rudolph. The Steelers secondary will have another pitiful performance and you have to wonder how much time defensive coordinator Keith Butler has left in Pittsburgh. If you have Jimmy Garoppolo on your fantasy team, this could be a tasty matchup. Start him. 49ers win 32-20.

Saints at Seahawks

The Seahawks are 2-0 but they have actually caught some serious breaks this season.

In Week 1 they faced a Bengals team at home who were without A.J. Green and Cordy Glenn. Then in Week 2, they faced the Steelers with Big Ben and James Conner for half of the game and barely survived. Now in Week 3 they get the Saints without Drew Brees at home. Let’s just say things have been going Seattle’s way recently, and that continues here. Seahawks win 28-20.

Rams at Browns

I have no idea how the Browns are going to stop Aaron Donald this Sunday night. I don’t know how they do it, their offensive line has looked terrible. Baker Mayfield has also looked bad, and tight end David Njoku is now out with a broken wrist. All of this happening just in time for the defending NFC champs to come into town. Browns will struggle mightily on short rest and the Rams win big. Rams win 30-17.

Bears at Redskins (Monday Night)

The Bears offense has looked pitiful and I am still not quite sure how they pulled off a victory on the road at Denver.

I’ve always said Denver is the place where great quarterbacks strangely go to die, but I guess Mitch Trubisky isn’t really a great quarterback, so I guess it makes sense.

Chicago’s offense has struggled, but they catch a break here because Washington’s defense has looked bad. But just when you think I’m going with the Bears, I’m actually going to go with the upset here. Washington has played two pretty good defenses so far this season and have still managed to put up 48 total points, believe it or not. They scored 21 points last week at home against a good Cowboys defense, and they put up 27 against the Eagles on the road.

Washington’s defense has been bad, but they oddly are having no problems getting into the end zone on offense. The Bears have a tough defense, but they also will be the worst offense Washington faces so far this season. Give me a Monday Night upset. Redskins win 23-20.

Enjoy the games!

Matt lives in Newnan, Georgia but was born and raised in Upstate New York. He is a fan of the New York Yankees, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Boston Celtics. At the collegiate level, he is a Notre Dame and Syracuse fan (yeah he can root for both, and what?!) He must, however, find a soccer team to root for. So him out there. All suggestions are welcome. You can catch Matt on the Turf mostly covering NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football and Basketball, and Horse Racing (that is not a typo, he practically grew up on a racetrack). It's nothing's strictly sports.

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