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Ty Lue is a Treasure

Eastern Conference Finals - Quicken Loans by Chris Metcalf is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Ty Lue is a Treasure

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And why is Ty Lue a treasure? Because he has no idea how to handle in game adjustments and somehow gets to coach Lebron James. You’re telling me this coach, the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month in November 2016 (nbd but that’s a pretty bd), who was the coach of an NBA Champion in his first full season, apparently has no idea how to change his strategy mid game?

It’s like he made a decision early in the game to assign Korver to Ojeleye and then decided that rule was more important than winning the game. I can only imagine his inner monologue was something like:

There are rules. And I made this rule to assign Korver to Ojeleye. And rules are rules. I can’t change rules. Lebron won’t let me. Also, it is pretty prettayyyy sweet that I don’t have to pay for court side seats every game. What a time to be alive. What was I thinking about? Oh right. That rule. I made it, and I can’t change it. I think. Right? No. Coaches can’t change decisions. So we’re going to adhere to it and lose like men. Good job, Batman*.”

*Ty obviously refers to himself as Batman. 

Something like that, right? Because Korver has a 48.7% field goal percentage in the playoffs this year, but Lue couldn’t figure out a simple way to add him into the mix to change the result of game 5. I’m a huge Celtics fan, but if Lebron had just a little bit of help from, say, a three point sharp shooter, I think they could’ve made things a bit closer and/or maybe won. Especially because the Celtics shot 36.5%. Yet somehow won by 13. A few three pointers probably would’ve changed that.

Also, how on earth did Lue not get fed up watching the duo of J.R. Smith and George Hill in that game and sub in Korver no matter the assignments? They had a shockingly awful +/- of -19 and -21 respectively. That is…not good. Also, shout out to Smith for having the type of confidence most guys would kill for. The guy went 1-6 from 2 and 0-4 for three but wouldn’t stop throwing up shots. Finished with a solid 2 points in 26 minutes played. Shout out to you J.R. Keep doing you and sabotaging the Cavs.

Also, I just want to highlight that I love Brad Stevens SO much. Not only does he know how to push the buttons of the other team by changing his starting lineup:

He also is not afraid to run into a brawl and get Scary Terry the hell out of there. I mean, I love Rozier showing a lot of emotion and getting into the mayhem to stick up for Marcus Morris, but I don’t want the guy to get tossed out of a game. And he did get a tech, so it wasn’t perfect, but I think Brad did a great job keeping the guy from getting tossed.

Brad Stevens Celtics NBA Playoffs

Also, where was Lue, huh? Too good to pull his guys back, huh? Just standing there with his hands in his pockets like a chump. SMH (as the kids say).

Ty Lue Chump NBA Basketball Playoffs

Celtics in 7.

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