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I have been on vacation this past weekend, and thus did not spend much time paying attention to the world of sports as a whole. Most of my time was spent visiting my girlfriend and exploring a city I’ve never seen before. With that in mind, I would like to direct you to the other posts my colleagues here have been working on. Give them a read if you haven’t already and I’ll be back with a full round of Hot Takes next week.

One piece, in particular, I want to point you towards is Ned’s Spotlight piece brought forth by both our current world climate and this past weekend’s #metoo movement on social media. Ned tackles the issue as it pertains to sports and as a whole and it is spot on. I would love to echo what he says about us all being accountable. I know for a fact that I am either directly responsible for or did nothing to stop at least a few friends’ “me too” stories and that’s not okay. We’ve got to have these uncomfortable conversations and start working to fix it. I believe Ned’s piece is the most important piece on the site this week and it is only the tip of the iceberg.

You can can find that post here.

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