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Are Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez single handedly responsible for the Yankees turnaround?
Because I’m seriously confounded by this team. They were absolutely garbage last year. Now, I despise the Yankees more than any organization in all of sports, so I liked last year much more than this curtain apparent turn around. But Judge has a WAR of 2.5 and a RAR of 24! Andrew Benintendi, the preseason favorite for AL ROTY, has a WAR of 1.1 and RAR of 11. So, for a new wrinkle to the Red Sox – Yankees rivalry is now a ROTY discussion. Okay, these has been far too many words dedicated to the Empire, but…

Last Sunday was one of the most fun games of baseball to watch and simultaneously really boring.
18 innings, so two complete games worth of baseball. An MLB record of 48 strikeouts combined. Longest Interleague Game ever recorded. Joe Maddon used 3 starting pitchers as pinch hitters. And Kyle Schawarber did this:

It was an incredible game to watch, and the ESPN commentators had a lot of fun with it. But at the same time it was a 4-4 game followed by an 1-0 game, with that 1 run coming in the top of the 18th. Coincidentally, the A-League Cubs also had an 18+ inning game this week. Gotta love the way that works sometimes. I love defense and I thoroughly enjoy watching draws in soccer so I’m abnormal. The average football loving, red-blooded American won’t sit down to watch a 6+ hour marathon. And I understand that. Also, the Yankees won so, yuck. But it gave me plenty of time to come up with the next item:

Kris Bryant has the most uncomfortable stance I think I’ve ever seen
Look at this thing:

This is not the stance of a comfortable man. This is not the stance of a comfortable man. Seriosuly, he doesn't look natural. Seriosuly, he doesn’t look natural.

BUT, it produces one of the prettiest right handed swings in baseball.

The moral of the story is do what ever works for you as a hitter. I guess.

I know its far too early to be worried about standings but this is strangely close, especially compared to the other 4 divisions.

The Toledo Mud Hens continue to win the Minor Leagues for their jersey designs.

Game. Over. Game. Over.

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