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Hump Day Hot Takes

Hump Day Hot Takes: 7.19.17

I am really upset about this JD Martinez trade. And other hot takes.

Hump Day Hot Takes: 7.19.17

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Welcome to the 2nd Half! After an All-Star week break we’re back, and with the Trade Deadline approaching, let’s get to it.

I think you will find little argument around the League to me saying that J.D. Martinez is/was the biggest bat on the market approaching the Trade Deadline. A free agent at the end of the season, the Tigers needed to get something for J.D. while they still could before he left in the offseason for a team with a shot at winning a title. (He was leaving Tigers fans. Stop it.) The Tigers farm system is, quite simply, bad. Martinez could easily help refill that farm system with quality prospects. Or so everyone thought. On Tuesday, Al Avila traded JD to the Arizona Diamondbacks for $50 and a case of Heineken. Actually, that might have been a better deal. What he actually got were 3 prospects from the only farm system in MLB that might be worse than the Tigers. Not one of them is listed in Baseball-America’s top 100 prospects. None of them have a lot of upside. None of them figure to be anything more than an Andrew Romine style player in 10 years if we’re lucky. There is absolutely no way that I can think of to spin this that makes it a good trade for the Tigers. I mean, maybe this is a stupid enough move to get Avila fired, but other than that there is nothing really hopeful about this situation. And that sucks.

Yankees load up for Postseason run
Raise your hand if you saw the Yankees being contenders this year? That’s what I thought. But Aaron Judge has provided a shot of life to the Bronx Bombers and they’re thinking Postseason. So much so that today they traded Tyler Clippard and 3 prospects to the White Sox in exchange for Todd Frazier, David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle. This is good for both teams. The Yankees beefen up for what should be a very competitive AL East chase and the White Sox continue to reload. They already have the No. 1 prospect in baseball (whom they called up today) and they just added No.30. This is how trades should work. Not whatever is going on in Michigan.

Cody Bellinger hit for the cycle on the 16th. He was the first Dodger rookie to ever hit for the cycle, the 9th ever for the franchise and the first since 2009. Those are impressive feats for a franchise as storied as the Dodgers. I think in a few years time we will all realize that Cody Bellinger may not be as flashy as Aaron Judge, but he’s by far a better player.

Dodgers on Fire
Speaking of the Dodgers, as of Tuesday night when I’m writing this the Dodgers have won their last 10 games and are 30-4 during one of the hottest stretches for any team I can remember in a long time. Seriously, this might be the year they finally put it all together.

The Astros held a funeral for Carlos Beltran’s OF glove.
He’s been almost exclusively at DH this season, so the Astros had a funeral serivce for Beltran’s glove. These are the kinds of things that happen when you lead the AL in wins. And would lead MLB if not for those red hot Dodgers. Which if I had to put money down today, I’d say we’ll be seeing a Game 7 World Series game between those two teams come November.



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