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Well, the dust has settled on the trade deadline. If you have a look at the Clubhouse Meeting we here at Three Up, Three Down had (which was done the day before before the deadline btw), you’ll notice that someone pretty much nailed all the big deals in their predictions. SO, that person (me) doesn’t have much in the way of the Hot Takes for the Deadline. Save for this one. As easy as it would be to crown the Dodgers as the winners of this year’s deadline, as they are the best team in baseball and they managed to add Yu Darvish, I think the actual winners where the White Sox. With the amount of young talented prospects they brought in they have to be considered the strongest farm system in the league now. And they unloaded some big contracts that weren’t really getting it done for them. THIS IS HOW YOU DO A REBUILD.

Mr. 3000
There have been 30 players to hit 3000 times in their career but none of them are as fun or unique as number 31. Adrian Beltre will go down as one of the most original players the game has ever seen. From his longevity and defensive prowess at 3rd base to his hitting home runs from his knee there is no one else like Beltre. Hell just a few days ago he was ejected for moving the On Deck circle. No one else would even think to do that except for maybe his longtime comedic parter, teammate Elvis Andrus. I just hope when he gets his plaque in Cooperstown, the embosses portrait has someone touching his head.

Hands down, there will not be a better play than this all season. The game was incredible too, especially the crazy 9th inning. But this catch is above all of it.

Evan Longoria hit the 6th cycle of the MLB season tonight. And he needed replay to get it. But dammit, cycles are quite possibly my favorite thing in baseball.

Jon Lester struck out a batter for the 2,000 time in his career Tuesday night. Also on Tuesday night he did this for the first time in his career.

That’s not a cheapie either.

BTW, the last three entries all happen Tuesday night. August is already shaping up to be an amazing month of baseball. Stay tuned.

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