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Tip of the Cap

Tip of the Cap: The 2018 All-Star Game Hats

Tip of the Cap: The 2018 All-Star Game Hats

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Andrew Mark Wilhelm

Let me start off by saying, as a whole, these hats aren’t great. They remind me of some of the early Diamond Era Spring Training hats. That’s not a good thing.


#3 – Seattle Mariners

I’m a sucker for the colors of the Seattle Mariners. It’s probably a holdover from the 90s when I and everyone else worshiped Jr.

#2 – Colorado Rockies

The way the purple pops off this hat is glorious. And the silver detailing around the logo shows up better on this hat than most. A lot of the hats in this collection look the same because many teams share similar color schemes. It’s no surprise that 2 of the strongest hats in this collection lean into their unique coloring to make the best of a terrible template.

#1 – Washington Nationals

Go figure, the design of these hats seems to suit the host team the best. I almost disqualified them because theirs had better come correct, but to be honest there aren’t many other options to choose from.

Swing And Miss

#2 – Houston Astros

WHERE IS THE LOGO? I can barely see the Houston Astros mostly white logo on this white front panel. Also, almost all of the hats with the orange panel are poorly executed. (The only exception to that is the Orioles hat which would’ve been no. 4 above.)


#1 – Detroit Tigers/All of them

No, but really these hats are straight garbage. Look at any one of them from the side angle and tell me you don’t want to throw up a little. You can’t. They’re atrocious. If I have to pick a no. 1 it’ll be my favorite Tigers. Because no one should do my team as dirty as these hats do. I expected better, MLB. How dare you follow up the fantastic July 4th hats with these. How. Dare. You.

Justin Colombo

One of my biggest regrets in life is not buying the 2015 Mets All-Star Game hat. I have lost so much sleep over it. Not even joking.


#3 – Los Angeles Dodgers

I’m a sucker for a pin-wheel, y’all. Love the look, feel and casual elegance fo this Dodger’s hat too. LA has one of the more iconic logo’s in all of sports, and to combine with a solid retro style like the pin-wheel take it to a whole new level. While I’m not totally sold on the gray (see below), I love it here. The gray paneling allows the logo and the embroidery to stand out. I’m here for this cap.

#2 – Colorado Rockies

I am in complete agreement with Andrew. The purple is straight up GLORIOUS. There’s nothing I would change about this. For a team who uses silver a lot in their day to day colors, the silver on these hats feels new and game-changing. I remember thinking how rough it must be to be a fan of the Rockies, since purple is such a bold statement. Over the years, I have been proven wrong and this hat uses purple as it’s strength. MY LORD.

#1 – Seattle Mariners


Seriously. Hang this thing in the Louvre. It’s immaculate.

Swing and Miss

#2 – San Diego Padres

If the case for a color change in San Deigo ever goes to court, this hat should be exhibit A. Just no team recognition, no spunk, no pizzazz, nothing. Just boring as hell. #BringBacktheYellowandBrown


#1 – Washington Nationals

Before I moved to New York City and became a Mets fan, the Red Sox shared my heart with another team, the Montreal Expos. When the team got royally screwed by the MLB and Jeff Loria, I was reluctant to adopt Washington as my second team. I wanted to see how they honored the Expos history and legacy in our nation’s capital.

The Nationals act like the Expos never existed, as if there was a gap in baseball history where Canada only ever had one team. Instead, they tried to hide that fact that they stole a team and moved them south. That’s why I cannot get behind these hats. Because they are 100% Montreal Expos knockoffs, and for a team that has a false sense of originality, I’m not surprised. Another thing stolen from Montreal.

Brandon Andrus

After watching the Home Run Derby tonight (congrats Bryce) I thought it was time to review the All-Star Game On field caps for 2018. Interestingly enough, I assume in homage to the Nationals being the former Montréal Expos, they have gone with a pinwheel design. In truth, I love a pinwheel cap. I grew up in the NL East, so I remember seeing the Expo’s and their fun, vibrant caps at Veteran’s Stadium with my grandfather. So I’m a little bit nostalgic for them, and therefore more accepting than others. Now the question is, which teams get a hit for the look, and which strike out? First the hits in my book.


#3 – Oakland Athletics

Until they set up a new dynasty, I will forever picture the A’s in the 70’s/80’s. They have a classic look, trapped in a time, but still cool. The high contrast between Green and Yellow just screams Oakland. And the A’s logo has been perfect since they first wore pillboxes at Connie Mack. So all this combined really makes the A’s cap work for me. It has contrast, whimsy, and style. Very close for me in this group was San Fran, Baltimore, and the Mets. Any of them could have been in this slot. But, I favor the original pinwheel of Red, White, and Blue. Two teams, I think really carry the look perfectly.

#2 – Texas Rangers

This damn well looks like it could fly over the Alamo. (Wrong city, but they are called the “Texas” Rangers) I love it. It invokes so many feelings of Texas. It’s big, bold and doesn’t apologize. Best of all, the Stars for the eyelets seem very appropriate for the lone star state. But I am a Philly boy, so it stands to reason I picked…

#1 – Philadelphia Phillies

It’s our colors, the stars remind of the stars that dot the “i”s in Phillies and if we ever went with a pinwheel, this should be the look. Reminds me of our old rivals in Montréal, and that’s why I love it. Not much else to say. There were, however, two that didn’t work for me.

Swing and a Miss

#2  – Detroit Tigers

Now, a little-known fact, the Detroit Tigers were the first team to wear a logo on a cap. So you’d think they would know how to get it right. If Exhibit B were the official cap, you have a top 5 cap. But look at the logo on Exhibit A. I know everything is High Def now but I can barely tell if it’s the Detroit D or some bad tattoo a drunk girl got that thinks it says “Peace”. The colors are great, but for the logo alone, it’s bottom 2 for me. But, the biggest offender

Strike Out

#1 – Milwaukee Brewers

I really didn’t intend on attacking the Brew crew so much these past two days, but guys, you need to decide who you are. I’m gonna be honest with you, the only association anyone outside Milwaukee has with this logo and color scheme is a steroid user. (Yes, I said it.) You are Milwaukee, home of the Fonze, Lavern and Shirley and Bratwurst races! Go back to the Blue and Yellow and bring back the mitt logo. Imagine this cap, Navy is Royal Blue and Cream is Bright Yellow, and the logo is the perfect MB Mitt logo in Blue outlined in Yellow. Classic. Or even the Keg man logo. Embrace your past for the future. This whole look is too serious for such a fun town. Baltimore got it, you can too. Embrace your fun, borderline, Minor League vibe. It’s a small market so be quirky and bright. Maybe then you’ll see the WS trophy in your city.

Anyway, this hat is just awful. If you have ever been to a brewery, this cap smells like the fermentation process. Be the Brewers of old again! Decide who you really are inside and make a classic look everyone can enjoy.

So just like the game itself, is it necessary? No. But it’s fun, and those teams who embrace the fun can really stand out when it comes to the summer classic. I applaud the Nationals or whoever decided the pinwheel should be the look this year. I like it and may buy a cap myself for once.

Justin Colombo is a 2017 Broadway Show Softball League All-Star at 3B/SS. He's essentially the Manny Machado of the Kinky Boots team. Justin has been writing about Baseball since he was a little kid. Now that being an actor in NYC has given him a lot of free time, in 2015 he decided to take his passion public and founded Three Up, Three Down as a way to express his love for the game. From there, Three Up, Three Down grew from a hobby to an obsession. After years of growth and one insult from MLB's Historian, Justin launched The Turf, a way to expand into all areas of the sporting world. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter. LET'S. GO. METS.

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