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30 in 30

30 in 30: The Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins had a very rough 2016, can they turn it around in 2017?

Marlins Park by Dan Lundberg is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

30 in 30: The Miami Marlins

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2016 Record: 79-82

2016 Finish: 17th in MLB, 7th in NL

2016 in Review


Christian Yelich may look like he is 13 years old, but he plays ball like a seasoned pro. Yelich is the most rounded out player in the Miami Outfield, and he’s starting to play like it. This is only his 4th year in the league, but he’s starting to put up some very decent numbers. Maybe I’m biased, but I love Yelich. He’s got that old-school beanpole kind of look as if he’s throwing it back to Ted Williams’ Era. He plays hard and can turn a single into a double if he catches you sleeping. Stanton has had a rough go of it lately, and even in the World Baseball Classic, Yelich bats 3rd and Stanton hits 8th. The kid gets on and gets guys in. I’d put good money on him continuing that trend in 2017.


There’s a lot to be disappointed about if you’re the Marlins, but if you’re a Marlins fan you have to be the most disappointed in Dee Gordon. A mere three months after signing a 5-year/$50 million dollar extension with the Marlins, Dee Gordon tested positive for two banned substances and was suspended for 80 games. This is very disheartening considering that Dee Gordon had one hell of a 2015 season. Dee Gordon won the NL Batting title, stole more bases than any other player and had more hits than anyone else as well. It was a huge triumph for Gordon and a big moment in the history of the Marlins organization.

Now it looks bad. Much like Ryan Braun after his MVP season, Gordon now have a stigma attached to his accolades and everything he has done in his career. What really bums me out is that Dee both denied knowingly taking the drugs, he ended his statement by saying, “I made a mistake and I accept the consequences.” So Dee… did you know they were steroids because it kinda sounds like you knew they were steroids. Just be honest with us, shrouding the situation in mystery doesn’t help get passed what happened. Dee Gordon messed up and I don’t think he’s proven himself worthy of forgiveness yet.

Looking Ahead

The Miami Marlins are allowed to have a year. They are allowed to have a year where they figure out how to move forward after the huge loss of José Fernandez. Early in Spring Training it was rumored that the Marlins were potentially going to attempt to go with a four man rotation and just see what happens. There’s the thing… I LOVE THIS IDEA. Don Mattingly is the most aggravating manager in the league, but he does something that only one other manager does. Much like Joe Maddon, Mattingly makes you play his game and on his level. Donny Baseball is constantly playing matchups and going against convention to get guys on and get guys out. Don Mattingly is exactly the right guy for this Marlin’s

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