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Stranger Swings: April 10th Edition

A lot can happen during the roughly 3 hours of play in a Major Baseball game. And Some are just weird.

Yadier Molina by Ian D’Andrea is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

Stranger Swings: April 10th Edition

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A lot can happen in roughly 3 hours it takes to complete a major league baseball game. Some things that aren’t normal. Sometimes downright weird things. In this article we’ll look at some interesting occurrences in the world of baseball.

First up….BEES!

During the wane days of Spring training Padres and Rockies players all hit the deck due to a swarm of bees taking the field. Since I’m not really a fan of any teams in the Cactus league, I thought this pretty hilarious, and isolated. But Apparently its been a pretty common occurrence for the last 14 years. Unbelievable.  Yeah I went there.

Is that a swarm of bees, or the royals? you be the judge.

Up Next we have Yadier Molina’s sticky Chest

During Thursday’s game between the Cubs and Cardinals, Pitcher Brett Cecil puts one into the dirt that ended up sticking to Yadi’s chest protector, completely unbeknownst to Yadi.

Cecil has denied that he put any substance on the ball. reports

““You guys saw Yadi spinning around and the ball didn’t come off,” Cecil said. “I think if I was throwing with something that was that sticky, I’d be throwing 45-foot dirtballs the whole game. Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea. I talked to Yadi, he has no idea. Can’t explain it.””


I don’t really know Yadi, but I’m pretty sure he had no idea what was going on, really dispelling the so called “goo-gate” conspiracies. Also I’m not sure that he wants his team mates balls on his chest.

And Lastly, The introducing the newest brew on tap at Sun Trust Park.

Got Wood?

The Beer is called Chopsecutioner, by Terrapin Brewing Labs. And it boast being aged with left over bat wood.

The beer is aged and cooled after fermentation on wood chips left over from Mizuno’s bat-making process, so there won’t be traces of pine tar in your beverage.

I can’t make this stuff up.

Until next month, enjoy the posts by the other writers on this page who are far more talented than I.

Sam grew up in a tiny Pennsylvania mountain town called 0hiopyle, and has been an avid outdoorsman, sports fanatic from a very young age. Professionally he works as a Audio Engineer, and occasionally as a Stage Manager. Soon to be a semi permanent resident of Pittsburgh, he currently is on the road with the Wizard of Oz national tour. After work you can find him enjoying a cold pint while watching the Pirates, checking the highlights, or nerding out with a video game.

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