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Am I the only smart person in the room who has come to the realization that Starting Pitchers who pitch 6 innings are a stupid way to win a baseball game? Seriously. Why is this antiquated notion still in use today? It makes no sense?

Look at these statistics from 2008 ( I know its a ways back but it’s the best I could find on short notice and I am working on getting more recent ones), the first pass through a lineup the Batting Average for a hitter in the MLB was .250. 2nd time through it is .270 and the 3rd time .282!!!!! WTF?!? if math is universal and everyone is going to gaga about “money ball” (which will be another article of mine entitled LOOK WHO THE STARTING PITCHERS WERE ON THAT TEAM AND THEIR WINNING HAD ALMOST NOTHING TO DO WITH KEVIN FREAKING YOUKILIS) then why aren’t managers and owners and Joe Maddon (who I feel would be the guy to do this for a whole season) using the reliever system of pitching?

I know Tony LaRussa tried something like this a while back for like a week and it looked like crap on a goose, but it needs to go longer… like a season longer. On a 25 man roster, you need 2 catchers, 7 other players for positions (not counting the pitcher) and a few subs for injuries of course. So let’s say 12 players total I guess yes? maybe 13. so get 13 pitchers and USE THOSE BITCHES!!!

3-3-3 system, I mean why is a pitcher pitching over 50 pitches anyway. You spend that sweet, sweet dough on some amazing relievers and you will WIN a lot. Imagine each team only having a .250 Avg every time they get up to bat instead of a .280 average late in the game.. those 5-6-7 innings are the death before you get to… you guessed it, the guys the opposing teams only see ONCE. So odd how closers are so dominant when they only have to face a lineup once!

I know what you are going to say “Minarik what if a guy gets ROCKED.” Sure, that happens to starting pitchers too and the other guys have to pick up the slack. Each pitcher pitches every 2-3 days or so (there are off days of course as MLB teams don’t play EVERY day). 3 innings each? around 45 pitches or less if they pitch well. Hell, some of those guys might only pitch like 30 pitches. The NL managers can switch up the pitchers every 2nd time they come up to bat then put a pinch hitter in there. there are so many options! Why would you lose out on a hitter 3x in the NL for an SP when you can use a PH and get a new reliever in there?

This makes too much sense, I know, and baseball is a game of history and don’t fuck up the boat but come on. I mean this is silly. Why any pitcher needs to pitch more than 50 pitches is insane. you have all these arms, use them..use them often keep them warm. It will probably help with injuries as well as a pitcher doesn’t sit around and not pitch in a game for 5 days then YOU ARE UP KID!! Lights out!! Let’s go!!

I remember going to a Yankee game and telling friends about this idea a while back and they laughed at me and said I was a frigging idiot and had no idea what I was talking about and I should just kill myself. A little harsh I think, but they have their opinions nonetheless. Well we get into the 7th inning and realize that the Yankees are being no-hit and the other team had already used 4 pitchers…they finished the game no-hitting the Yankees with 5 pitchers and the guys looked at me and said “fuck you might be on to something” I felt like the most brilliant man in the world…I, of course, got lucky with the no-hitter by committee but it would work. I think it would work ALOT!!!! How do you prepare as a hitter for the pitchers? You can prepare for a starter as you watch film and look at all their pitches..yadda yadda..but 3? you know to know 3? come on. no way. Aint’ gonna happen.

So please, Joe Maddon. You seem to be the only outside the box manager left in baseball. Go to this approach. At least for half the season. You guys will win your division anyway, so try it out. If it doesn’t work, you will still make the playoffs. But if it DOES work, you will be hailed as an MLB God with parades and ribbons and probably tasty candies given to you. I will sit back and revel in my brilliance and say “I changed the world and no one knew it but me” and that is good enough.

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