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Typically, I sit down to write this column on Tuesday night and have it scheduled to post on Wednesday morning. The problem with that this week is I am so enraged with what just happened tonight in the Tigers – Orioles matchup. Matt Boyd gave up 7 runs in 2.1 innings pitched. Game over right? Except J.D. Martinez has come back to this team in a big way. Another 2 HR game this time with a Grand Slam in the 7th to take a one run lead. And then the bullpen remembered who they’ve been this season. Justin Wilson proved that you don’t have to be named Fransisco Rodriguez to blow a save for the Tigers in the 9th. And then the bullpen gave up another 3 runs in the 12th. But then the Tigers managed to scrape together 3 runs to tie it back up in the bottom of the frame. Some good old fashioned home cooking was getting it done. And then Rodriguez was brought in. And gave up a 2 run dinger to Chris Davis. And that’s the ballgame.


As much as I am over the moon with the way J.D Martinez has returned, if I’m Al Avila I start shopping him around right now. This team is never going to be able to win close games late without better arms in the pen. It’s as simple as that. Add to that the unbelievable bad luck the Tiger’s are currently having.(Seriously, read this article from MLB) and you have a team that should be clearly in first place in the division and yet is struggling to play .500 ball near the 40 game mark.

So as much as I would love to write this week about Bryce Harper’s crazy 1 year deal, or the Ranger’s 7 game winning streak, or Joe Maddon’s 1000th win as a manager, or a crazy Marlins fan flashing Cardnial’s pitching from behind home plate as a distraction tactic, I just don’t have it in me tonight. My baseball heart is heavy and all I need to relieve it is one competent reliever.

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