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What Will Hopefully Someday Soon Represent A Requiem for Justin’s Denial

In his first piece on the blog, new contributing writer Andrew O’Neill does something bold… He goes after the guy at the top. It’s a bold move, Cotton, let’s see how it plays out!

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What Will Hopefully Someday Soon Represent A Requiem for Justin’s Denial

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My first cousin is named Justin Colombo. You probably know him. He writes for this blog and our mothers are sisters. Justin is my family and I feel very close to him.

Justin is a Mets fan. He recently posted on 3 Up, 3 Down about their options in the upcoming trade deadline. 

Given that this is his blog I have to assume that of all the different people who may be the one currently reading this post—the you to whom I speak—one of these must be Justin himself. If you are not Justin, stop reading now. Well, I mean unless you’re another Mets fan (or know another Mets fan and are looking for suggestions on how best to talk to them), in which case definitely continue.

Listen, Justin. You’re not thinking straight. Buy or sell? Playoffs? I wish you were friends with Marv Levy. He would know exactly what to say. 

I guess since we’re all writers here I’ll put it to you metaphorically—a Mets fan who is still holding out for what-would-now-certainly-go-down-as a storybook finish to 2017 is like an MMA fighter who’s been knocked out and is trying to tell the referee he’s all good while throwing punches into thin air with his opponent already celebrating.

It’s all over, son.

I understand. Entering this season, the Mets were still staring at a wide-open window. They’ve been ripe with young pitching for 3 years, which in baseball has always meant that they’re extremely wealthy, and they were almost there and fell short, which is a right-of-passage in professional sports.

The immediate fact is that this season is already lost. The Mets have experienced injuries to their most important players, which is a death sentence for any team. They have had exactly three good players all season in Jay Bruce, Jacob deGrom and Michael Conforto. And this list itself exposes another point, which is this: none of the three is a relief pitcher. 

There are also factors that are out of the Mets’ control, namely the Nationals steamrolling the East since April and the three-headed monster in the West.

Lastly, consider that there are only two roads to the playoffs. 

The Mets are 12.5 games behind their division leader, the Washington Nationals. The Nats have 4 of the NL’s 10 leading hitters. They have Bryce Harper and Max Scherzer and until he gets hurt they have Stephen Strasburg, and they’ve already made a move to strengthen the bullpen. I know you watch a lot of baseball, Justin. Now, do you think the Mets are capable of catching and passing the Nationals?

The Mets are also 10.5 games behind the team holding the second wild-card spot. And in this option there are 5 teams for the Mets to maneuver past, among which are the Rockies, the Cubs, and the Atlanta Braves. Do you think they’re going to catch and pass all, much less any, of these teams, plus two more? 

As it is already crazy for Justin to be exhibiting any optimism whatsoever w/r/t to 2017, it would also be crazy for the Mets to approach the deadline still with 2017 in mind. There should be only one dogma–make good deals. Sit at the table and get involved, without prior reservations. What harm could come from hearing offers for Jacob deGrom? Is it more that could come from not hearing them?

You may feel hurt by this. This is ok. You need to brush it off, though, because it will soon get worse.

But that’s for another time.

Andrew O'Neill is a sports fan and writer originally from New Hampshire who has been a regular contributor to The Turf since July 2017. He also writes for The Tribe Sports @, a blog offering philosophical sports commentary.

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