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GET IN HERE! WE’RE HAVING A CLUBHOUSE MEETING! How well did the Three Up, Three Down Writers predict the 2017 MLB Trade Deadline? 50/50. Take a look! 

Sonny Gray by Scott U is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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Ned Donovan

– Despite people linking Addison Reed to the Red Sox, I think in the end they won’t trade for anyone, and this bullpen will continue to be a disaster.

– The Red Sox will, however, get another unneeded offensive player who’s not geared towards Home Runs, because like the Celtics, they don’t don’t diversify the talent on their team, just get incredibly talented versions of the same player.

– In all honesty I think this Trade Deadline is gonna be kind of a snoozer, full of hot takes that don’t materialize. (Like the people salivating over the concept of Miguel Cabrera hitting a new team. It ain’t gonna happen, ditto Justin Verlander)

– Sonny Gray is gonna move, but while everyone’s betting on the Yankees, I’m expecting a sneak attack move. Maybe the Padres? Dodgers?

Andrew Mark Wilhelm

-The Dodgers are going to end up with Yu Darvish.

-The Yankees are going to end up with Sonny Gray

-The Tigers are keeping everyone except for maybe Justin Wilson who will get traded for the Astros Bat Boy.

-But I seriously think this is going to be a bit of a snoozer at the deadline. Maybe the Rockies manage to pull Lucroy but other than that I don’t see much happening.

Justin Colombo

– Gray to Los Angeles.

– Addison Reed to the Red Sox. I’ll miss my favorite middle school drug dealer.

– The Brewers make no moves.

– The Cubs rise from the dead and snag a hot trade target.

Bobby Underwood

– Every prediction Ned just made is what I would have said too.

– I would add that I think there’s a chance Jacoby Ellsbury ends up in Oakland as part of the Sonny Gray deal. It’s a very Billy Beane thing to do.

Jake Bridges

-Sonny Gray isn’t getting moved because the Yankees would be silly to trade Torres and/or Frazier for him.

-Also, I think Luis Castillo of the Reds is about to get James Paxton-like hype built up as we head into next season.

-World Series: Rockies vs. Astros.

Andrew O’Neill

My conclusion re: starting pitching is that if I’m going for an ace its Sonny Gray or bust, I’m not even trying for anyone else, be it Darvish or Verlander.

The big winner so far is every contender’s bullpen.  All of these guys–Jennings, Romo, Cishek (to TB), Watson, Cingrani (to LAD, Robertson, Kahnle (to NYY), Reed (to Bos), Swarzak (to Mil), and Kintzler, Wilson (to Wash and CHC, respectively) are significant.

The big winner to come may also be someone’s bullpen, as Zach Britton may still be moved.

“I Got Traded? Fuck Yeah!” Award–JD Martinez (5 HR and 12 RBI in 9 games) and Eduardo Nunez (5 hits and 2 HR in 3 games).

“Most Underrated Move” –David Robertson to the Yankees.

“Why Are You Telling Me This?” Award–Jonathan Lucroy going from the Rangers to Colorado.

“I Got Traded Where?!?!” Award–AJ Ramos from Miami to the Mets.

Joanna Krupnick

Why are all these players buying houses this week? I mean, this is not the week to be buying a house, you know?

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