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Breaking Angles: Bryce Harper signs with Phillies

Bryce Harper signed a 13 year deal worth $330 million with the Phillies.

Bryce Harper by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Breaking Angles: Bryce Harper signs with Phillies

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Don’t look now but Bryce Harper has signed with the Philadelphia Phillies and is already setting records. This record comes to the tune of 13 years and $330 million. The deal includes a $20 million signing bonus and no deferred money. The contract includes “no opt-outs” and a “no trade clause”. 

Bryce Harper signing with the Phillies has made this signing the biggest guaranteed deal in the history of Major League Baseball. The former record holder of the deal was Giancarlo Stanton’s guaranteed deal of $325 million when he signed with the New York Yankees last off season. Harper’s deal is quite impressive, especially considering the No Trade Clause and guaranteed money.

The demand for Harper’s big bat and talents have been no secret this offseason. Harper has caught the eye of every MLB organization this offseason. If a team said they had no interest in Harper then they were flat out lying. Even his former team Washington National’s GM Mike Rizzo had a hard time stating “the team has moved on”, but in the same breath saying “the window is still open”. The battle for Bryce was fierce and the favorite changed hands often. One week it was the Dodgers and then the next week the Giants would be the favorite. That was much of the formula since the offseason began.

The former MLB MVP got off to a sluggish start at the beginning of the MLB season, only batting .214 up to all Star break. After igniting the fire by winning the Home Run Derby Championship, Harper’s bat caught fire and propelled him to finish the final 65 games batting .300. Although this did not help his former team, the Washington Nationals, make the playoffs. It did show why Bryce Harper was a wanted man. With the addition of Harper, Vegas has given the Phillies the 6th best odds to win the World Series. The 2018 Phillies were 80-82, a 38 game difference from The World Series Champions Boston Red Sox.

The Nationals offered Harper what they called a high market value deal. The Phillies let Harper pretty much name his price and his wants. The two teams will square off at National’s Park on April 2nd and 3rd.

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