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Turf Clubhouse Meeting: 2021 MLB Opening Day Round-Up!

This year we’re talking about the potential surprises, disappointments, some BOLD CHOICES, and a sprinkling of heartfelt homer-ism.

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Turf Clubhouse Meeting: 2021 MLB Opening Day Round-Up!

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Welcome to The Turf’s Clubhouse Meeting for the 2021 MLB Season! A clubhouse meeting is a place where all of us chime in on whatever we want. However, since it’s Opening Day, we decided it would be a good idea for us to not only introduce ourselves but also set the expectations of what kind we expect from the impending 2021 MLB season.

This year we’re talking about the potential surprises, disappointments, some BOLD CHOICES, and a sprinkling of heartfelt homer-ism that our writing team expects to see this season.


Tell us how you’re feeling about the upcoming MLB season! Are you excited? Scared? Excited and scared? Full of unbridled optimism? The People want to know!

Justin Colombo: am excited. Last year’s season, while riddled with mistakes, clubhouse breakouts and general nonsense, it was jam-packed with some fun baseball and a competitive finish. So now we go back to the full schedule, and guys are getting amped to go the full distance. I’m all about that. My body is ready.

Terry Cudmore: Looking forward to it!

Jason Barash: I had pretty close to no interest in the baseball season last year. I wanted to, but personal events got in the way, obviously COVID, and the Pirates gave me no reason to even try to follow them. For 2021, I’m filled with a little more optimism about baseball in general (not the Pirates).

Andrew Mark Wilhelm: Apathetic – Baseball is clearly broken and my team hired a cheater to lead. It’s hard to get excited about that.

Joe Danbusky: I’m eagerly anticipating this season to be sure. It’s been a long year and the smell of pine tar, crack of the bat and dulcet tones of Gary, Keith and Ron can only mean the boys of summer are back! Adding to my excitement is the knowledge that I can cheer for my Mets without having to suffer the abuse of Wilpon involvement.

Josh Hansen: I cannot wait for the season to begin. Mostly because players keep dropping like flies and I need that to stop during meaningless games.

Kevin Michael Morin: Meh. I’m falling away from it. But maybe I’ll watch more than I did last year? <shrug>

Christian Heilman: Well I’m a Pittsburgh Pirates fan so I’m probably more excited to watch the grass grown in my front lawn than I am for this current Pirates season.

Katie Pierce: I’m feeling a lot of feelings. I’m more optimistic from a personal standpoint about the Tigers this year, but I know it’s highly likely that I’ll still end up disappointed with their standings at the end of the season. I am very much looking forward to seeing more of an explosion of “fun” from players like Fernando Tatis, Jr., and guys that play like they’re still kids playing the game.

Craig Kaufman: I am feeling ambivalent. I am not expecting the Red Sox to be that good, but there’s a small possibility they will be, and then I’ll watch. If not, I will only be following baseball for fantasy purposes.

Ross Larimer: I’m a Cardinals fan.. And the whole team is reportedly getting the vaccine this week (J&J One-Shot Wonder). So I am over-the-moon bonkers excited for this baseball season.

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