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Is this David Price’s Redemption?

DavidPrice by Arturo Pardavilla III is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Is this David Price’s Redemption?

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To say tonight is a must win for the Red Sox is cliche. Of course, they don’t want to lose two games at home and be down 2-0 in the series with three upcoming games in Houston. It’s a must win because of the guy on the mound for them tonight, David Price. His legacy in Boston will be determined tonight, but does he even care?

When Price signed his 7yr/$215 million contract in 2015 with the Boston Red Sox, it was expected that he would be an ace, someone who could be trusted in the big games. But all he has done is come up flat. His career postseason record in 0-9 with 6.73 ERA. His start against the Yankees in the ALDS was abysmal, only lasting 1 1/3 innings while giving up 3 hits (2 of which were homers) and 3 runs. 

Wetting the bed after Game 1 is dumb. David Price in a contract-defining kinda start? Hell yeah. This is the stuff that’s fun.— Ty Anderson (@_TyAnderson) October 14, 2018

His on-field performance hasn’t been the only problem during his tenure with Boston. He has come off as a smug individual that doesn’t care if he’s playing well or not. He’s gotten into fights with the media, there was the incident with Dennis Eckersley on the team plane last season, and he’s managed to have an excuse for every time he doesn’t pitch well, it was too cold or he got carpal tunnel from playing too much Fortnight. At no point has it seemed like he’s wanted to be the leader. Nor has it seemed like he’s wanted to prove his critics wrong and prove he’s worth the millions the Red Sox are giving him.

He reminds me of another Red Sox pitcher who spent most of his time in Boston as public enemy #1. John Lackey was just as smug and seemed to not care when it mattered worse. It was as if he hated Boston. He came into seasons unfit, played horribly, and got into fights with the media. But in the 2013 postseason, something changed in him. He pitched his brains out and won the hearts of Boston. Jeers turned into cheers. We forgave him for the past and praised him for helping bring another World Series Championship to Boston. He left the city a hero.

I have probably typed “This is the most important start of David Price’s career in a Red Sox uniform” a thousand times.

But tonight IS the most important start of David Price’s career in a Red Sox uniform.— Red (@SurvivingGrady) October 14, 2018

Tonight is David Price’s chance to duplicate what Lackey did in 2013. The city of Boston has had a tumultuous relationship with David Price to say the least. But if he is able to shut down a hot Astros lineup in cold weather, his past will be forgiven and forgotten. If he is able to get a W and swing the momentum back to the Red Sox as the series moves to Houston, he’ll be considered a hero. 

Is he up for the task? Is he ready to put the BS behind him and become a leader tonight? For the sake of Boston’s season, I hope he is.

Actor, Voice-Over Artist, Sports Blog writer. Joseph Dalfonso is an unconventional triple-threat. Joseph grew up in the great beautiful state of Maine and now resides in New York City. Joseph is an avid New England sports fan who loves a good flannel every now and again.

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