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Deadline Bling: The Padres Go Shopping, Yankees on the Sidelines, and More!

A lot happened at the 2020 MLB Trade Deadline. Thankfully, we’ve got three of our sharpest minds to decipher the deals.

Mike Clevinger by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

Deadline Bling: The Padres Go Shopping, Yankees on the Sidelines, and More!

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A lot happened at the MLB Trade Deadline. Thankfully, we’ve got three of our sharpest minds to spell it out for you. So let’s jump into it, shall we?

Your Turf Writer Pundits:

Andrew Mark Wilhelm (AMW): What if the trade deadline happened at the end of May? Would teams have enough idea of where they’re going or what they have to make good trades? Because that’s essentially what is being asked of GMs this year. Of course, we were in for a weird trade deadline. Maybe that’s better for the game anyway?

Terry Cudmore (TC): 2020 is chaos and anarchy, so why should the MLB Trade Deadline be any different? Honestly, I wish GMs had gotten weirder with it. I know it’s easy for me to say that from my couch, but I wanted more big deals and more big names moved. Every contending team should have acted like the Padres, and every non-contending team should have acted like the Red Sox. But I guess some men just like to watch the world burn.

Justin Colombo (JC): The 2020 deadline was interesting, unlike everything else in 2020. Lots of players to be named later. LOTS OF PTBNLs around here. But you can see certain teams looking to make their mark in the weirdness of 2020. The Blue Jays figured “Why Not?” while the Marlins figured they’d trade FOR an outfielder. It was interesting to watch as everything unfolded. So I guess we’ll see if any of these moves had an impact like they normally do.

Starling Marte to the Marlins. Caleb Smith, Humberto Mejía and a player to be named later (PTBNL) to the Diamondbacks.

JC: I mean… sure. This is… a move… for sure. This is weird considering that like three years ago the Marlins had one of the greatest outfields in recent memory and all they had to do was not trade them away. This adds power to the Marlins lineup, but does it make them better? Personally, I think the Marlins magic is going to run out at some point, and when it does, they’ll be in a weird place going into the playoffs. But then again, Marte did homer in his first game with the Marlins, so I could be very, very wrong.

AMW: Does anyone know what or who these Marlins are? Do the Marlins? This won’t ever be able to be assessed in real-time in my opinion. And hindsight seems to favor this not being the best move. But, 2020’er things have happened.

Robbie Ray to Toronto. Travis Bergen and Cash to the Diamondbacks.

JC: Robbie Ray is a good pitcher. That’s a fact. Getting him out of the NL West might also be good. Getting him out of Arizona, and putting him in a weird AL East might just help him keep the ball in the ballpark for the rest of 2020.

AMW: This only happens because of the expanded playoffs. Otherwise, Toronto isn’t buying at the deadline. This definitely strengthens their rotation and Ray is a good arm to have in a Wild Card series.

Rangers trade a starting pitcher…. but it’s Mike Minor to Oakland for two PTBNL

JC: Mike Minor feels like he’s been an Oakland A for years, right? This move totally makes sense.

AMW: I just rewatched Moneyball like, last week. This move is top shelf Billy Beane.

Red Sox first baseman Mitch Moreland to San Diego in exchange for Hudson Potts and Jeisson Rosario.

JC: Naylor on the move today makes the Moreland move more sensible. He can play first and give Hosmer a day off, he can DH and he’s a solid pinch-hit option. This is San Diego suring up their postseason push by creating depth on their bench. You love to see it.

TC: Love this move for the Red Sox. Moreland was a 2018 World Series hero but in 2020 and beyond he’s a part-time 1B. You should be able to find those pieces. Bloom targeted a deep farm system and got two players who are now among the team’s Top-10 prospects. Some of this is due to the lower talent pool in the Boston minor levels, but these are the kind of moves that can begin the turnaround.

AMW: Big yawn. (Good for SD though)

Jonathan Villar to Toronto… Well, Buffalo… He’s a Marlin now. PTBNL to Miami.

AMW: Again with Toronto doing weird things in a weird year. I’m not entirely certain this one will pan out for them, and I’m certain it won’t be as good as the Ray deal.

JC: Like… I guess this makes sense? Toronto loves trading for middling shortstops at the deadline ahead of a playoff push. So maybe this is that? Villar can still swipe bases, so he’s at the very least, speed off the bench.

Kevin Pillar to Colorado, Red Sox get International Bonus money, and a PTBNL

TC: Pretty much a no-lose scenario for Bloom and the Red Sox as Pillar was not going to be part of the 2021 team. This deal gives the Sox some additional international spending money and a PTBNL (or this could turn into cash). The Rockies get one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball as they continue their quest for the last NL Wild Card spot. Good deal for both sides but even the VERY low percentage of the PTBNL turning into something gives the edge to the Sox.

AMW: Slightly smaller yawn.

JC: I think Kevin Pillar is a solid piece on any team. Now, as an outfielder in a hitter friendly park? He’s an asset to Colorado even if it’s just for late game defense.

Cameron Maybin heads to the Cubs, Tigers get Zack Short

AMW: Love Maybin’s game, hate to see him traded for the umpteenth time. Cubs pick up a solid outfielder and a great clubhouse guy. Win all around.

JC: Is this a big brain move for the Cubs? Or is it giving Jason Heyward something to see in his rearview mirror to keep him motivated?

Miguel Castro to the Mets, Kevin Smith (not that one) to the Orioles.

AMW: This seems like it’s a good deal, but it’s the Mets. So… probably not? Who knows?

JC: Castro has a rocket arm and a penchant for blowing saves. Welcome to the Mets bullpen! It can’t get any worse!

Padres acquire Austin Nola, Austin Adams and Dan Altavilla, send Taylor Trammell, Luis Torrens, Andres Muñoz and Ty France to Seattle.

AW: This trade doesn’t seem like much at first glance. Austin Nola is the biggest name, and is a great catcher for SD to add to their staff, while Seattle gets some great prospects. But really, this trade set the table for the other ones, even if one of them is a big yawn.

JC: Taylor Trammell. What happened? Once a highly touted prospect, Trammell fell out of the top-50 MLB prospect rankings ahead of the 2020 season. Weird to see him moved as a piece of a deal, and not the piece of the deal, ya know? If Trammell can can return to his glory, this is a steal. The Mariners of the future are shaping up to be something special. Hopefully they don’t blow it.

Rangers send Robinson Chirinos and Todd Frazier to the Mets in exchange for two PTBNL and Cash.

JC: Why is Todd Frazier on the Mets and not on the “Team Trying to Field a 25-Man Roster While Tanking”? Seriously. Where does Todd Frazier fit on this Mets team? This is such a dumb move. Brodie, come on. Chirinos… I get that move. Ali Sanchez ain’t it. Tomas Nido ain’t it. Might as well have Wilson Ramos 2.0 sharing duties behind the plate right. Just such a nothing move. For #12 and #16 prospects…? Brodie… we were rooting for you.

AMW: This seems like an awful deal, but it’s the Mets. So… probably? Who knows?

The Yankees trade for no one, especially not Lance Lynn.

JC: Perhaps Gerrit Cole will be the only pitcher to throw the same number of innings as he did last year. The Yankees are hobbled by injuries and their starting rotation is already tough. Really surprised they didn’t make a move. You could have written this one in sharpie as far as I’m concerned.

AMW: Honestly, maybe the most surprising thing on this list I thought Lance Lynn was the only surefire pitcher to get traded at the deadline, and the Yankees and Braves were the two places I thought he’d go. And then he didn’t go anywhere because the Yankees didn’t want to give up two top Prospects, which is exactly how the Yankees behave in the Upside Down. So the only rational explanation for any of this is that we are now in the Upside Down.

The Braves get Tommy Millone from Baltimore in exchange for a PTBNL.

JC: You ever send someone out to get coffee and donuts and they come back with 5-Hour Energy shots and gas station danish, and you’re like… “well, this could be good, I guess.” That’s the Braves trading for Tommy Millone.

AMW: This is peak NL East, which is basically the 2020 of the MLB anyways.

Mike Clevinger, Greg Allen, and a PTBNL to San Diego. Austin Hedges, Josh Naylor, Cal Quantrill, Gabriel Arias, Joey Cantillo, and Owen Miller to Cleveland.

JC: This is such a good move for the Padres. They trim some fat in the farm system by dealing Arias who’s blocked by Fernando “The Truth, The Light, The Way” Tatis, Jr. Naylor was also taking up space and Quintril’s boat seems to have set sail in regards to him being the guy the Padres thought he would become. The biggest loss here is Austin Hedges, who is one of the best catchers in the league. He’s abysmal at the dish, but one of the best in the game behind it. 

But Clevinger is worth it. Big time.

But man, the Padres rotation is young, fun and they’re setting their phasers to stun. Watch out for Slam Diego.

AMW: The Cleveland Team somehow managed to make something out of a terrible situation with Clevinger and San Diego adds a fantastic talent, who has hopefully learned his lesson.

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