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It’s Time to go All or Nothing on the DH

It’s Time to go All or Nothing on the DH

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Look, I’m not going to write an article about whether or not baseball should have or not have a Designated Hitter. I don’t need to write that piece. You’ve read about it, heard it on talk radio, or argued with your buddy about it a million times already.

I don’t even care which way baseball goes with the DH.

Remove it, cool. Expand it to the NL, cool. I’m never going to sway an anti-DH’er to embrace the DH. Nor am I going to convince a DH’er to go cold turkey and start rooting for pitchers to hit. No. I’m not going to do either one of those things. What I am going to do, and I’m pretty sure both sides can put down their Louisville slugger pitchforks for a minute to agree on this, is say Major League Baseball needs to make up its Big League Chewing mind. Go all or nothing MLB, sack up already.

The MLB has slowly integrated inter-league play into the game, to the point that, honestly is that even a thing anymore, or is it just that everyone plays everyone now? So why have they not done the same with making (or removing) the DH rule for the entire league? How you can still have half your league following one major rule and the other half following a totally different rule is beyond me.

This is like the NBA only having the 3 point line in the Eastern Conference.

What would people say if Adam Silver just got rid of the three-point line in the Eastern Conference? Sounds ridiculous right? How much louder would the boos get for Mr Bettman, if he made it so there was only icing in the Western Conference? Well, that’s what the MLB has been doing since it introduced the DH in 1973. Spotrac shows an average salary of over 14 million dollars for the DH spot. How is a position with the highest average salary only a thing in half the league?

This absurdity is before we even get to the really stupid part.

The World Series. Seven games to decide who is the best team in the universe and teams have to decide if their best hitter can now all of a sudden field ground balls? Because they are playing away to St. Louis? This flip-flopping to me at least seems to give the National League a bit of an unfair advantage. It’s far easier to find an extra slugger to take 4 at bats for a few games than it is to see if David Ortiz can dust off his glove and work on scoping balls out of the dirt. JUST PICK A LANE MLB! Pick a side, add it to the NL or remove it from the AL, I don’t care. Just make the change already.

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