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Jackie Bradley Jr. Deserves Your Respect

Jackie Bradley Jr. has been praised for his defense and ridiculed for his offense, but he is changing that in the ALCS with his clutch hitting.

Jackie Bradley, Jr. by Arturo Pardavila III is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Jackie Bradley Jr. Deserves Your Respect

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Over the course of his major league career, Jackie Bradley Jr. has been praised for his defense and ridiculed for his offense. Even in the minors, he was never known for his bat. One scouting report noted:

“…if his bat doesn’t develop, profiles as a bench outfielder, but even if he only hits .240 with 8-10 home runs, could start due to defensive ability”

And the scouts were right. Jackie’s defense has never been a problem.

Jackie Bradley Jr.’s Defense Shines

Jackie Bradley Jr. (JBJ) has flashed the leather and made numerous mind-boggling catches over the past six seasons. In 2018 he is a no-brainer to win his first Gold Glove (.982 fielding percentage) after being snubbed in 2017 (.987 FP). His defensive prowess and plus arm are why Alex Cora keeps Jackie in the lineup. 

JBJ’s Bat Comes Alive in ALCS

Unfortunately, the scouts were right about his bat too. JBJ’s career batting average is a measly .238 (yikes), and peaked at .267 in 2016. Things weren’t going well in the 2018 postseason either, with Bradley hitting .167 with zero RBIs in the ALDS.

pete campbell not great bob GIF

But Bradley stayed focused and has been a difference maker offensively in the ALCS. Yes, I said offensively. His .200 series batting average isn’t turning heads, but his team leading 7 RBIs are. Especially when you think of when those RBIs came into play. Jackie has been channeling his inner David Ortiz because his hits have been clutch

Game 2: JBJ Rips an RBI double in the third to give the Red Sox a 5-4 lead

Game 3: Jackie hit his second career Grand Slam in the 8th inning to give the Red Sox a commanding 8-2 lead. He summed up the thoughts and feelings of Red Sox nation in his post game interview saying, “[Hitting a the grand slam] was an amazing feeling”. What a poet! 

So to all the haters and losers out there, of which there are many, get ready to eat your words. If the past couple games indicate how clutch Bradley will be moving forward, Houston has a problem (I’ll see myself out). 

Editor’s Note: Jackie Bradley’s Grand Slam set to Toto’s “Africa”. You’re Welcome. Thanks to r/redsox user blackbypearljam.

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