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MLB gets it wrong…again

A COVID outbreak postpones 2 games less than a week into the shortened season.

Marlins First Pitch at Marlins Park, March 4, 2012 by Roberto Coquis is licensed under CC BY 2.0

MLB gets it wrong…again

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Major League Baseball is just 4 games into their abbreviated season and is already failing, proving that once again baseball just can’t get anything right. On Monday, MLB canceled the Orioles-Marlins and Yankees-Phillies games after multiple players tested positive for coronavirus. 14 players and staff on the Marlins alone we know of for sure.

Major League Baseball is acting like it’s being run by the bumbling Trump administration, and you can like that analogy or hate it but the cold hard truth is FACTS STING! MLB once again gets it wrong.

MLS, the NHL, and the NBA are bubbling their teams and staff, the NBA and MLS down at the ESPN sports complex in Florida and the NHL in select hub cities in Edmonton and Toronto. Last week the NHL administered 4,256 COVID-19 tests with a result of 0 positive cases. Tests of 346 NBA players as of last week have also yielded 0 positive cases. Prior to July 13th 2 players had tested positive but were quarantined outside the campus bubble, able to rejoin their team when they have been cleared by the CDC guidelines and NBA rules for entering the bubble. 19 NBA players tested positive before reporting to the bubble. Those players also had to meet requirements before entering the bubble. Meanwhile, MLB is letting their teams jet off across the country entering and exiting airports, transportation to and from the stadiums.

Beginning of the end for an MLB season?

Miami Marlins starter Jose Urena was reportedly a late scratch for Sunday’s game due to a positive COVID test, along with 3 other players. That should have shut the game down instantly, but they decided to press on. The MLB has a 113-page handbook on dealing with the coronavirus but postponing a game due to a positive COVID test prior to a game isn’t a league call. Why?

This isn’t the flu we are dealing with for God’s sake. This is a virus that has caused a GLOBAL GD PANDEMIC. Postpone the game, assess the situation, for the love of everything holy quarantine and test both teams….twice. But ultimately CANCEL THE DAMN GAME! 

David Price of the Dodgers, who opted out of the season, pulled no punches earlier today on Twitter.

Major League Baseball has its players tested daily, umpires wear masks, spitting is banned and high-fives are prohibited. Which is all good. But you still have teams traveling, from Miami to Philly and back. Airplanes, hotels, food delivery. Sure you are testing players and staff every day, but they are still being exposed. And who is in charge of the oversight? At least in the NBA and NHL bubbles there are specific rules set forth to help ensure player safety. The players are also on a campus that can be controlled with personnel in or out. You don’t have that same situational control with players walking through an airport or inside a hotel. What if they leave said hotel? There are so many unknowns that the MLB seemingly was not prepared for.

Canada gets what MLB doesn’t

Canada seemed to be of the same mind as Mr. Price in regard to the MLB restart. The country let in 18 NHL teams from US markets knowing they would be tested and bubbled for the remainder of their stay once there. They told their own Toronto Blue Jays that the team could not hop back and forth across the border, refusing to let them play home games in Toronto this year.

Just like the steroid fiasco, just like the sign stealing incidents, just like the pre-return public internal arguments, the MLB has gotten it wrong once again. The 2020 MLB season is looking like a perfect analogy for the US’s handling of the coronavirus.

The restart took 4 days to fail, and fail miserably. It’s time to end this season and work towards a safe return in 2021. Perhaps look at MLS, the NBA, and the NHL. It’s certainly too soon to tell if theirs are models for success, but if no major outbreaks happen by next Tuesday in either sport I’d say they’d both be head and shoulders above Major League Baseball’s.

Christian is husband, father and video editor working in New York City. Originally from the Greater Pittsburgh Area he is a life long fan The Steelers, Penguins and Pirates as well as Professional Wrestling.

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