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The J.D. Martinez Signing: A Mea Culpa

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The J.D. Martinez Signing: A Mea Culpa

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A quote commonly attributed to the philosopher Plato goes something like this: “Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”

I doubt one of the most brilliantly thoughtful minds in history was referring to hot sports takes when he shared this bit of insight into the human condition, but I must admit that his sentiment unfortunately encapsulates what could be an all-time stinker of an opinion piece posted on this site several months back:

By me.

It was me.

I did it.

And I can only respond to Plato’s quote with one from a slightly less-gifted mind:

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Back in January, I wrote that the Boston Red Sox should avoid signing J.D. Martinez. To not give in to the pressure of the Giancarlo Stanton signing. To not give that much money to guy over 30 who has had only relatively brief stretches of excellence. That such a move would not be the best direction for the team right now.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I was lightspeed wrong. I take it all back. I literally know nothing about anything.

Martinez has been the cornerstone piece to baseball’s most lethal offense, slashing .337/.407/.657 to go along with 38 HRs, 110 RBIs, and 160 hits. Since day one he has been among the league leaders in almost all major offensive categories, and never showed any serious decline along the way. He’s baseball’s only legit threat to win the triple crown this year. He’s outperforming Stanton. He’s been the consummate professional and teammate. He’s stayed healthy. The list goes on.

So I am here to say that my initial take on Martinez’s signing should be tossed into the nearest dumpster with earnest, and that dumpster should be set ablaze. Because Martinez has made me eat every slice of this humble pie as he and Mookie Betts lead this Boston team to what very likely will be a division title.

To J.D., I say to you here and now that I was wrong. Your signing was the best thing to happen to the Red Sox in 2018. Please keep on making me eat my words. Carry this play into the postseason, and help our Boston boys win some games in the playoffs. In return, I will do my best to keep my future takes to only moderate levels of stupid.

Ryan Kelly lives in Cambridge, MA, a stone's throw away from his beloved Boston teams. When he is not working as an editorial assistant, he is providing commentary on the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins for The Turf.

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