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The Mets Name Their Triple-A Squad After Themselves

Minor League Baseball is a barrel of fun. So, of course, the New York Mets decided to ruin it. Throw it on the pile. Come on.

The Mets Name Their Triple-A Squad After Themselves

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Minor League Baseball is a barrel of fun. There’s nothing better than a day at a Minor League Ballpark. Fun mascots, hilarious in-game activities, incredible hats, and loads of young talent on their way to the Major League.

In the last few years, there’s been a trend in the MLB farm systems of giving your team a fun, unusual name. The Hartford Yard Goats, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp, Eugene Emeralds and El Paso Chihuahuas all exist in the world we live in. Frankly, that’s a lovely thing to know. In a world full of darkness, there’s always a bit of light at a game between the Corpus Christi Hooks and the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.

The Mets have also followed suit in this fad, renaming their Double-A ballclub in 2016. The Binghamton B-Mets were renamed via fan vote to the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. 

Rumble. Ponies.

Personally, in my journey towards the abyss as a Mets fan, have fallen in love with the name. Not a lot of people, possible very, very few, know that Binghamton, New York is the Carousel Capitol of the World. So the Rumble Ponies, armored carousel horses, are a tip of the cap to that. 

So when the Mets purchased the Syracuse Chiefs franchise in an attempt to save money on red-eye flights from Las Vegas, a new name was in the cards for the Upstate city.

A cursory google search will bring up the city’s nicknames of “The ‘Cuse” and “Heart of New York.” Also known for it’s proximity to the Finger Lakes, Syracuse is also known for it’s Carousel Mall and a small university with a decent basketball program. Just Kidding. 

So when the purchase went through, speculation went wild as to the new name for the ball club. The Lakers? Not bad, but branding might be difficult. The Syracuse Juicers? A nice ode to the school on the hill, but might ramp up PED speculation. 

So what did the Mets go with?

The Mets. 

The Syracuse Mets.

Much like everything they do in Queens, the Mets front office has decided upon an uncreative, easy and boring response to something fun.

Another Mets disappointment. Throw it on the pile. 



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