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Walkers Or Texas Rangers? A Sad Reality In The Lone Star State

The Texas Rangers live in a sad reality. The team has decided to go to 100% capacity on opening day, ignoring health experts everywhere.

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Walkers Or Texas Rangers? A Sad Reality In The Lone Star State

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I feel like I’m having deja vu. Can Texas secede already? The incomprehensible decision making by those in power within the Lone Star state is pathetic. First, Governor Greg Abbott goes against CDC recommendations and decides it’s okay to open the entire state and get rid of the mask mandate. Now, the Texas Rangers are making a potentially deadly decision.

According to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News, the Rangers are planning 100% capacity on opening day.

Let’s talk about why this is an abhorrent decision

Anti-maskers are already rejoicing in a state that cares more about guns and controlling women than they do the livelihood of its own people. This shouldn’t be a political issue. Yet people care more about their “freedoms” than the well being of others. Therefore, it has become political.

I have so many questions. So here’s my fictional Q&A with the executive board of the Texas Rangers.

Me: How do you pack 40,000 people into a stadium in the midst of a deadly pandemic?

EB: Well, they’ll be wearing masks.

Me: How do you plan on enforcing people wearing masks? I watched Kansas City Chiefs games and plenty of people were screaming at the field without their masks on and they were only at 25% capacity.

EB: We’re not from Kansas. We’ll get it right.

Me: Missouri.

EB: Huh?

Me: Kansas City’s teams are in Missouri.

EB: We’ll still do better.

Me: How?

EB: The people of Texas are responsible and capable of following the rules.

Me: Are they, though? I watched a guy go bonkers on a bunch of Trader Joe’s employees because that company still requires masks within their properties.

EB: That was an isolated incident.

Me: But what if someone pulls a gun on a staffer at the turnstile for infringing on their “right” to not wear a mask?

EB: That won’t happen. You can’t bring firearms into the stadium.

Me: You do know what state you live in, right? So we’ve established you can’t enforce it. Are you at least going to require vaccinations of your entire stadium staff?

EB: If they want to be vaccinated, sure.

Me: So you’re willing to put Rangers fans at risk by not requiring it?

EB: I mean the science doesn’t prove 100% effectiveness.

Me: Nor do your leadership policies, apparently.

EB: Excuse me?

Me: I’m done here. You clearly have your head up your ass just like your Governor and Senators. When you have an entire stadium full of walkers, I hope you’re prepared to contain it.

EB: Love that show.

Me: Hate that reality.

Editor’s Note: It feels like we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t bring this incredible quote to your attention:

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