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We Can’t Name This Famous Ex-MLB Player… But You’ve GOTTA See His House

We can’t name the owner, but it’s a SHORT STOP away from YANKEE STADIUM.

Wright Bro's Real Estate, Inc.

We Can’t Name This Famous Ex-MLB Player… But You’ve GOTTA See His House

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Oh, and it’s for sale.

So, look. I wrote this whole article/listicle about [NAME REDACTED]‘s house. Because it’s nuts. I mean absolutely bonkers insane. Then I reached out to the real estate brokers to use the pictures from their listing, and they gave me full permission to use them with one catch.

I can’t say the family’s name.

This is the famous dude’s real estate broker

So now I’m here to give you a look at this utterly gorgeous, simultaneously bats**t insane, massive property that is for sale, right now. Click the credit on any of the photos to be taken to the listing and you too can own a house once owned by–whoops, almost slipped up that time.

All it will take is one easy payment of $14,750,000. Order now by cash or credit card. Call 1-800-HOLY-CRAP-THAT-IS-SO-MUCH-MONEY. (4659-2727-8428-4776-6824-66639) I swear that’s the proper number of digits.

So what is it about Jorge Posada’s Friend‘s house that makes it worth that much money? Well let me show you some highlights. And at the end I’ll give you the video that Didi-lite‘s broker Diane Mitchell mentioned in our text convo above.

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