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2018 NBA Draft Rapid Reaction

2018 NBA Draft Rapid Reaction

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Before we get into this recap of the first 20 picks of the 2018 NBA Draft you should know that I am not an NBA aficionado and mostly watch the league during the playoffs. But I did watch roughly 65% of the draft and glanced at NBA Twitter multiple times throughout the night, so I’m pretty much a league insider at this point.

You Can’t Handle The Tweets

How out of touch are the execs at ESPN, Turner and Yahoo? Did they really think they could prevent the entire internet from “spoiling” picks on Twitter? And when Woj tweets out what teams are going to do how many people just scream “AH DAMN IT” and turn their TV off? Probably just one or two guys, and you don’t need them watching anyway.

People watch for reactions of the fans and to see these kids have a life changing moment and are more likely to tune in if you’ve got buzz going on Twitter. Go kick rocks if you tell me otherwise.

Also, I absolutely love Woj’s method to get around the decree from league partners to prohibit disclosing draft selections. You can tell Woj not to announce picks, but that doesn’t mean he can’t tell you some gut feelings!

Hard Hitting Analysis:

  • Luka Doncic is a great basketball player and will most likely have a solid career. Also, Andre Iguodala would like you to know Luka’s mom is attractive. If you’d like to conduct your own research (for science) just jump into the replies
  • Wendell Carter Junior went full Black Panther for the NBA draft and I am all about it. That handshake he had with his friend that included the Wakanda salute made me want to suit up in vibranium and fight the good fight. Chicago forever.
    NBA Wendell Carter Jr Daft
  • Mo Bamba seems like a genuinely nice guy who just happens to have the wingspan of a city bus. It truly is a genetic lottery man.
  • That commercial with One and Done shirts from Footlocker that includes the Ball family made me squirm. I just don’t like ‘em. #hottake
  • How weird is it for Trae Young to get drafted, be handed a Mavs hat, but already know he’s going to be traded to Atlanta? It has to be bittersweet walking the stage knowing the pictures of you from the NBA draft will become collector’s items within 10 seconds. I know the NFL doesn’t do a lot right, but I like that most trades in the NFL draft occur before the players are selected so you don’t have to go through those awkward post-draft interviews.

ESPN: Hey I know you just got drafted by the Mavs, but they really didn’t want you and already kicked you to the Hawks. So how about the Hawks, huh? 

  • SVP just helping Woj out as he looks for more ways to hint at picks
  • As a Celtics fan, it pains me to say but I think Sexton is a pretty solid pick for the Cavs. I remember watching him do some great work while I yelled at my TV in March. Too bad I have to hate him immediately as a Celtics fan. Also, Sexton telling Lebron he can be one of the few pieces to get him over the hump and win the Finals is AMAZING. Love that attitude. Also, sorry Sexton, Lebron is already a member of the LA Big III.
  • The slideshow of Knicks misery before their pick was brutal. Just kick ‘em while they’re down why don’t ya, ESPN. Also, when they were focused on the Knicks kid’s sad face as he stoically disapproved of the Knox selection, we all got to hear the “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!?!” from some fan in the background. Never change, NYC. Never change.
  • This guy gets it:
  • You remember that one kid at school who had a parent that worked as a teacher or staff member? Mikal Bridges grew up and became that kid for the Sixers since his mom apparently works HR for the team. I’m going to guess the team won’t be texting Mikal much.
    ***Update mid-blog: It looks like the players rioted and forced the team to trade Mikal to the Suns. Smart move***
  • We shouldn’t have been surprised about the Bucks picking Divencenzo after this story broke, huh? Sorry Delly, your role has been filled by a younger, more talented version of you.
  • And finally, Josh Okogie. I have nothing to say about him, other than his name looks like something I would make up in scrabble. And I’m out!

Also, if you noticed I didn’t include certain picks, I got distracted by NBA Twitter at certain points and missed a few. Memes, gifs, and NBA Draft jokes are distracting, it isn’t my fault. 

Mark was raised outside of Boston, so his favorite socks are red and the only Giants he'll ever like are the little ones. He is a michelada advocate and a big fan of 8 game parlays that never work. He has been writing about sports since starting his own blog in 2014, Don't Think Just Throw, and is excited to be a part of The Turf.

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