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I hate this time of year. Kids are everywhere because they’re out of school. I’m damp at all times. And, worst of all, the basketball season is over.

Luckily, the NBA offseason is exciting AF. And this offseason is sure to be a doozy. Here are my Top 5  free agents to watch this season.

1. Isaiah Thomas (Los Angeles Lakers)

Oh, sweet, sweet Isaiah. This guy spent the first 3 months of this season recovering from an injury. Oh yeah, he was also on the Cleveland Cavaliers. I was excited to have Isaiah on the Cavs after his fantastic season in Boston, but he never quite meshed with the team. After being traded to the Lakers, he still wasn’t back to where he was in Boston. This once-MVP-contender’s value has certainly gone down (along with his shooting percentage), so I’m interested to see what happens with him.

2. Marcus Smart (Boston Celtics)

I’m interested in seeing what happens with Smart, mostly because I can’t really imagine him on any other team. He works in Boston. He’s a terrible shooter, but Boston isn’t really lacking in that department, especially with Irving and Hayward healthy. He’s scrappy, plays hard defense, makes plays, and flops like none other. The last one is irrelevant, but I thought I’d mention it. I’m curious about whether or not there are any teams willing to make an offer to take him away from Boston.

3. DeMarcus Cousins (New Orleans Pelicans)

Boogie tearing his Achilles this season was heartbreaking. He and Anthony Davis found a way to work extremely well together, and it was fun to watch two talented big men making shit happen. The thing is, New Orleans proved that they can get shit done without Cousins. They swept the Portland Trail Blazers in the playoffs – everything was falling into place with The Brow and the supporting cast.  Mirotic was a great addition for New Orleans, and he’ll be there for another year to support Davis. An Achilles tear is no small injury, so the Pelicans may want to think long and hard about offering Cousins a big ol’ contract after that. If they lose him, though, I have no idea who tf they could replace him with and who they have the funds for.

4. Paul George (Oklahoma City Thunder)

I’ve been wondering where Paul George will end up after this season about halfway through this one. Even though the Thunder never fully clicked, George played quite well overall. He and Westbrook seem to have a strong relationship, and that may certainly affect things. He’s expressed his love for his hometown (Los Angeles) and many folks think he’s going to end up on the Lakers. A little curveball was thrown earlier when Kawhi Leonard stated that he wants to leave San Antonio. Teams who are interested in George are bound to also be interested in Leonard, so this’ll definitely shake things up a bit. It also depends on where another free agent ends up…

5. LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers), duh

I mean, duh. After the Cavaliers got swept in this year’s NBA finals, everyone’s been wondering where the King is going to end up next season. He hasn’t been shy about expressing his frustration with the current situation in Cleveland, and watching the playoffs this year was frustrating for fans. James, in his fifteenth year, was playing one of his best seasons ever. He was putting up insane numbers, playing with incredible force, and had no consistent support. He deserves more, dammit. James and his family have homes in Los Angeles, and there’s been a lot of talk of him going to the Lakers. The Lakers have space for two max players. If they can secure James and George, I’ll be going to a lot more Laker games.

A (very small) part of me wants him to stay in Cleveland and continue to be a hometown hero, but he is serious about winning another championship.

Jamie is an actress, bar manager (and frequenter), beauty blogger, INFP, and of course, NBA fanatic living in Los Angeles. She spends most of her free time curating her Spotify playlists, eating Korean BBQ with her boyfriend, and deciding what color lipstick to wear.

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