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5 Reasons Steven Adams is the f*cking best

Steven Adams by Keith Allison is licensed under CC BY SA-2.0

5 Reasons Steven Adams is the f*cking best

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The NBA offseason is coming to a close. I’ve been getting my NBA fix by keeping up with offseason moves, watching Summer League, and checking out r/nba. I came across a post about Steven Adams, which solidified his spot in my top favorite players of the league. Today, I share with you 5 reasons Steven Adams is the f*cking best.

1. His transformation from Abercrombie & Fitch model to Aquaman

Steven Adams entered the NBA bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and baby-faced. He looked like he could be standing in the front of an Abercrombie & Fitch spritzing passers-by with a cologne that reeks of high school. His transformation started with a simple mustache but turned him into full Jason Momoa-status.

By far one of my favorite glow-ups in the NBA.

2. His love for comics and anime

In an interview in 2016, Adams revealed that he didn’t watch the opening game of the NBA season, because he was busy watching anime instead. His love for cartoons and anime is evident if you scroll through his Instagram feed, too.

A comic artist named Corey Lewis Reyyy created a comic called The Kiwi Legend, about Steven Adams. It was sold at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego – a Kiwi legend, indeed.

3. He’s scrappy as hell

I suppose one of my reasons should be about his basketball ability, no? I think it’s easy to overlook Adams’ performance because his statistics are never flashy. He plays with Russell Westbrook and Paul George, you know? But he shows up and dominates consistently. He’s a beast on the glass, and he’s heckin’ huge, so he’s a screener-extraordinaire.

Earlier in the year, Jimmy Butler says he “thought his life was over” after being hit by a screen from Adams. He’s always hitting the floor for a loose ball and always taking hits from other players. He’s an amazing complement to the team and fun as hell to watch.

4. His openness about depression

I love that players like Kevin Love and DeMar DeRozan are using their platforms to speak out about mental health and their personal struggles.

In Steven Adams’ upcoming autobiography, Steven Adams: My Life, My Fight, he opens up about his relationship with depression, mainly after his father died when he was just 13 years old. I think it’s important for figures in sports to share their experiences with mental health, especially because so many young people look up to them. It’s important for athletes to be seen as real people with emotions, battles, and struggles, and to make the conversation surrounding mental health less taboo.

5. His telling of the first time he hugged Gregg Popovich

Reading this story was the reason I was inspired to write this piece. Adams recalls his rookie year and  OKC’s run in the playoffs. They were eventually bumped out of the playoffs that year, but Adams will never ever forget the first time he hugged Pop. Never.

“As we went through and said good luck to all the Spurs guys for their final series rematch against the Heat, I dialled in on Pop and made sure he didn’t leave before I could embrace him. When I finally got my arms around him … mate, it was beautiful. I just held that legendary man and got a quick sniff of his hair. He smelled lovely. Don’t act like you wouldn’t do exactly the same thing if you had the chance.”

Read that quote and try to tell me Steven Adams isn’t the f*cking best. I dare you.

Jamie is an actress, bar manager (and frequenter), beauty blogger, INFP, and of course, NBA fanatic living in Los Angeles. She spends most of her free time curating her Spotify playlists, eating Korean BBQ with her boyfriend, and deciding what color lipstick to wear.

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