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Breaking Angles: The Final Act of LeBron’s Career

Lakers Retired Numbers by Howcheng is licensed under CC BY SA-3.0

Breaking Angles: The Final Act of LeBron’s Career

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In signing a 4 year, $153.3 million contract to finish his career playing for the L.A. Lakers, LeBron James officially began penning the final chapter of the story.

And could the setup be any better?

James, who placed his own legacy into public forum two years ago by stating in an SI article that being considered the GOAT was his one true motivation, and who since high school has been keenly aware of his own presence, now finds himself faced with one last hurdle.

A hurdle the size of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Luckily, we find ourselves in the new NBA era of players having more and more say in choosing their own teams, an era ushered in by LeBron’s coordinated move with Chris Bosh to join Dwayne Wade in Miami in 2010-2011.  This means that James can coerce others to join him in L.A., and can do so just by scrolling through his phone.

Some may object to this new version of team-building, but is there a better way to put together a team?  It is reminiscent of what happens in pick-up games in gyms around the world likely every night.

For basketball, it just feels right.

But of course for LeBron James, it has never been just about basketball.  It has also been about the show, and the narrative.

Now LeBron has one final mission, which he has already accepted: to assemble a team worthy of facing and defeating one team.

Think of the movie trailer:

In a world where the only thing left for a King to do is TEAM UP…

Even for LeBron, the drama of the moment has never been so well constructed.  The Warriors will enter the 2018-19 season fresh off a second straight championship–their third in four seasons–and with no real contender on the doorstep.

The NBA has a hostage crisis, and for 4 more years their hopes lie in one man.

For the final act of King James, a new super-team will gather in the City of Angels and set their sights north.  Awaiting their arrival will be that same old adversary, dug in and ready.

The twist is that the Warriors aren’t just holding the whole league hostage, they’re holding LeBron’s legacy hostage at the same time.

Now, in order to write the last chapter of the greatest basketball story ever told, King James will need fewer subjects and more friends.

Andrew O'Neill is a sports fan and writer originally from New Hampshire who has been a regular contributor to The Turf since July 2017. He also writes for The Tribe Sports @, a blog offering philosophical sports commentary.

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