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LeBron James Has Better Playoffs Statistics Than These Four NBA Franchises

LeBron James has an impressive playoff resume. But that’s just scratching the surface.

LeBron James by Erik Drost is licensed under CC BY 2.0

LeBron James Has Better Playoffs Statistics Than These Four NBA Franchises

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That’s not hyperbole. That’s science. Seriously, reread the title again.

That’s a stone-cold fact.

LeBron James, arguably the greatest basketball player to ever step on a court, has more points and assists in the playoffs than the Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Pelicans, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Charlotte Hornets. Don’t believe me? Okay, here’s the math.

Total Playoff Points

Just to be fair, and let the other side of the GOAT conversation have their say, Michael Jordan had 5,987 in his historic and groundbreaking career. But we’re not here to talk about Air Jordan. No, today’s about King James.

On the assist front, no team really comes as close as they did in total career points. The next closest to LeBron is Memphis, but James still has a 400 assist lead.

Total Playoff Assists

  • New Orleans Pelicans – 1,021
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – 1,070
  • Charlotte Hornets – 1,266
  • Memphis Grizzlies – 1,519
  • LeBron James – 1,919

You read that right. LeBron James has exactly 400 more assists in the playoffs than the Charlotte Hornets. How far away is the next team with more assists? The Toronto Raptors with 473 more than James, totalling 2,392 playoff assists.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. LeBron James has played a lot of playoff games in his long, historic career, so naturally, his numbers are going to be staggering. You’re not wrong. In fact, King James has played in more playoff games than HALF OF THE TEAMS IN THE LEAGUE. That’s not a joke.

RankFranchiseGPWL%Last playoffs
1Los Angeles Lakers7614563050.5992021
2Boston Celtics6753822930.5662021
3Philadelphia 76ers4592352240.5122021
4San Antonio Spurs4032221810.5512019
5New York Knicks3801871930.4922021
6Atlanta Hawks3791652140.4352021
7Detroit Pistons3701881820.5082019
8Golden State Warriors3491901590.5442019
9Chicago Bulls3441861580.5412017
10Oklahoma City Thunder3311641670.4952020
11Houston Rockets3221581640.4912020
12Phoenix Suns2961471490.4972021
13Milwaukee Bucks2891421470.4912021
14Utah Jazz2861331530.4652021
15Portland Trail Blazers2741191550.4342021
LeBron James266174920.6542021
16Miami Heat2491381110.5542021
17Indiana Pacers2411151260.4772020
18Washington Wizards237991380.4182021
19Cleveland Cavaliers2291251040.5462018
20Dallas Mavericks209961130.4592021
21Denver Nuggets205811240.3952021
22Sacramento Kings187801070.4282006
23Brooklyn Nets16371920.4362021
24Los Angeles Clippers14263790.4442021
25Orlando Magic13359740.4442020
26Toronto Raptors11755620.472020
27Memphis Grizzlies8030500.3752021
28Charlotte Hornets6323400.3652016
29Minnesota Timberwolves5218340.3462018
30New Orleans Pelicans4920290.4082018


Absolute madness.

LeBron James is unbelievable.

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