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NBA Bubble Wrap: The Dallas Mavericks

Who will be the last team to pop the bubble?

Boston Celtics v Dallas Mavericks by Danny Bollinger is licensed under CC BY 2.0

NBA Bubble Wrap: The Dallas Mavericks

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Well, the 2020 NBA Playoffs are upon us. With its Disney Bubble premise in full effect, the 16 teams are squaring off to determine this year’s champion. While it’s hard to think that there won’t be an asterisk next to the 2020 title, a champion will be crowned.

The NBA is a fickle beast. Star-driven and tank-friendly, teams in the dumpster one year can be the king of the mountain the next. With that, stakes are high for almost every team as they make their playoff run, with sought-after stars often heading for greener pastures if they feel their squad can’t get over the hump. 

We’re looking at each of the NBA playoff contenders and diving into what’s at stake for each team, the odds of making a deep run, and key storylines to watch. 

Let’s hit the Dallas Mavericks.

Dallas Mavericks

Expectations: First Round Exit

Unfortunately, when you’re matched up with the favorites to come out of the West you just want to go out with a fight. The Clippers are just too good to get bounced out in the first round.

What’s Working for Them

The dynamic duo of Luka and KP is working. They have the chance to be the top duo in the league in the years to come. We haven’t seen talent like Doncic since Lebron entered the league. Going 28-9-8 in his sophomore season is a good reason to think the team may steal a couple games from the Clippers. KP has shown in the past that he can be the next dominate big man in the league. It’s all just a matter of when these guys take over the West.

With their two stars on the team, they have 115.9 points per 100 possessions. This breaks Golden State’s efficiency from last year, when they only had 115. They’re good together, but still need time.

What Might Hold Them Back:

Youth. Their two stars are still young and this is both Doncic’s and Porzingis’ first trip to the postseason. It’s always tough for young guys, and their first postseason and going 3-5 in the bubble doesn’t give me “upset vibes”. It also doesn’t help that they have to play the loaded Clippers in the first round. The fact that Luka carries such a heavy offensive load, and the Clippers have about three different defenders they can put on him, puts more pressure on KP.

Storyline to Watch

How Luka handles his first attempt at the playoffs. The guy has already proved he is an elite basketball player and has earned being in the MVP conversation pre-bubble. If Doncic plays well and can push the Clippers to 7 games, it is a huge success for him and his team.

Then there is how KP plays. If he can be close to as dominate as Luka, that would be enough for the media to shit on the Knicks. Every basketball fan knows, if there is any opportunity to belittle the New York Knicks it’s going to happen.

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