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Ranking the NBA’s Best Jerseys

The Best of the Best, according to Justin White.

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Ranking the NBA’s Best Jerseys

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Another day passes and yet, I’m still wearing the same shirt. Nevertheless, this won’t stop me from talking NBA fashion on here. I did my worst and now it’s time to do my best. Let’s bring some positivity to this Quarantine and talk about my favorite jerseys to grace the NBA!

10: 1990’s Detroit Pistons

In all their 90’s glory!

This Detroit Pistons logo was everything and it makes me sad that they moved on from these. I personally hate this team, but can’t hate on these jerseys at all. The best part are the flames making up the horses mane. What a great touch.

9: 2018 New York Knicks City Edition

FDNY Appreciation

In my opinion, these are the best jerseys the Knicks have ever worn. The colors blend together well and the FDNY logo in orange is a nice addition. I’m also a big fan of the orange and gray trim around the shoulder and neck area.

8: Portland Trailblazers

Classic and Clean

I think Portland has one of the best all around looks in the NBA. They also haven’t changed over the years as drastically as other teams have. They know what looks nice and they’ve stuck with it. Even their alternates look amazing from the all red to the new rip city jerseys. Portland has been a consistently well-dressed franchise.

7: Vancouver Grizzlies Teal

The 90’s were just different.

I don’t care what anybody says, these are awesome! The 90’s had some fun and insane uniform choices and these were at the top. The font on the front is interesting and nothing beats the giant grizzly palming a basketball on the side of the shorts. They’re not the cleanest looking jerseys ever but they’re certainly entertaining.

6: 1990’s Orlando Magic

Turn Back Time

Orlando should turn back their calenders to the 1990’s! The Magic pinstripe collection was unstoppable, as was the team. Shaq and Penny made these jerseys cool in every color. My personal favorite are the home white jerseys, but the all blue is a close second.

5: 1990’s Toronto Raptors

The 90’s WIN!

Nothing epitomizes 90’s basketball more than this look. I know this can be a heavily debated jersey, people either love it of hate it. I LOVE IT! The 90’s set of cartoonish jerseys were some of my favorite ever. Everything about these are equal parts fun and messy and I’m here for it.

4: 1990’s Phoenix Suns Black Sunburst


The Phoenix Suns desperately need this look back. In fact they should go back to these jerseys altogether. The Sunburst look was incredible! I’ve always been a big fan of the Suns color scheme and logo from this era. These were probably the best uniforms in the NBA in the 1990’s. Unfortunately, The Suns look has gone downhill after moving on from this.

3: Chicago Bulls 2018 City Edition

Chicago Pride

The Bulls are a pretty traditional team when it comes to uniforms. They haven’t really changed their look that much over the years and it works for them. Thankfully Nike was able to tastefully add to the Bulls closet with these city edition jerseys featuring the flag of the city on a sleek black jersey. I’m not a Bulls fan but I wanted this jersey when they released it.

2: Denver Nuggets 2018 City Edition

Throwing it back!

In 2018, Nike gave Denver an unforgettable throwback look. These were a perfect blend of old and new that modernized a classic. I particularly love the way they make the 80’s rainbow skyline look against a clean white jersey. The newest black edition is just as good.

1: Miami Heat “Miami Vice” City Edition

Miami Vice

I know I’m biased but, these are without a doubt the best city edition jerseys out there. I mean c’mon. The colors work so well together here. I almost wish the Heat would permanently change to this look. Even better, when the Heat wear these at home they also change the colors on the court to match! Nike has done variations of this each year by changing the main jersey color, but nothing beats this version of the “Miami Vice” look.

A Florida Boy who now calls LA his home now! In my free time all I do is watch sports and look up stats. I love all things college football, especially my beloved Miami Hurricanes! I also partake in my fair share of Fantasy Football and Basketball.



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