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What’s up with James Harden?

The 2020 NBA season is upon us and the 2018 MVP is up to something. Most likely trying to leave the Houston Rockets.

James Harden by All-Pro Reels is licensed under CC BY 2.0

What’s up with James Harden?

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If you’re a sports fan and you have the internet, you probably saw a picture of James Harden on Tuesday night. The picture was pretty unflattering. Was it a bad angle, or does James Harden just not care anymore?

Whatever it is, he has made his displeasure pretty well known throughout a tumultuous offseason.

Houston, we have a problem

Ok that may have been the corniest sub-heading I’ve ever written, but it’s appropriate. Over the brief break in the NBA season, Harden requested a trade to the Brooklyn Nets. He has also expressed interest in going to the 76ers, or even the Bucks. Despite the Rockets bringing John Wall on board, he still has no interest in staying in Houston. He even turned down a two-year, $103 million extension (in addition to his current $132.9 million over three years remaining on his current contract).

If $50 million dollars a year can’t keep him in Houston, can anything?

During the offseason, Harden was not spending any time in Houston with his teammates preparing for the upcoming season. Instead, he was in Atlanta and Las Vegas for what he said was “training.” If by training he means partying, then absolutely. This is the attitude of a guy who has no interest in trying anymore with his current team. It’s the same as when you’ve put in your two weeks with your company. You’re going to do the bare minimum, then get out the door. That’s what he’s doing. He showed up to the game Tuesday night and scored 12 points in 21 minutes then ended with a bizarre interview.


One foot out the door

Harden’s ready to go to a contender, and I don’t blame him. For as dominant as the Rockets have been since he’s been there, they just can’t take it all the way. He wants to form a super team with one of the above teams, and no matter where he goes, it’ll be more fun than the Rockets.

Personally, I would love to see him go to Brooklyn, reunite with Kevin Durant and play with Kyrie. Also, I think it’s time New York was able to get excited about basketball again. There hasn’t been any excitement for a NY team since Linsanity back in 2012 – seems like a century ago.

Whatever happens with Harden in these next few weeks, just know he desperately wants to get out of Houston. And it’s probably time.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Jason moved to NYC for 9 years and gained a wife, a child, and career then decided to go back to the Steel City. A sports fan since birth, he follows the Pirates, Duquesne basketball, Pens, Steelers, and Pistons (Grant Hill would have been better than Jordan if he had stayed healthy...prove me wrong). He enjoys playing in various sports leagues and throwing his money away on fantasy sports. Besides that, a good book and video games for a day would be just fine with him.

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